spirit sunday: kindfully + mindfully

“My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness.” - Dalai Lama

why is it sometimes so darn hard to be kind? i’m not talking about being outright rude…thankfully that kind of blatant adolescent bitchiness is rare and tends to rear its ugly head on only the most hideous of bad hair days… i’m talking about being so kind that you eliminate the little jab here, the tiny sarcastic comment there…the unwarranted, undeserved (albeit mental) criticism of the girl at the gym whose mere presence on the bike next to you is annoying (but….she does breath funny…) or even the warranted and deserved mental flogging of your hygiene inept coworker who sprinkles when they tinkle and is never neat and wipes the seat…but perhaps most puzzling to me is the human tendency to be less kind to those closest to us. I could mull this one for days, instead I am going to take to heart a zen habits http://zenhabits.net/kindfully/ that I think is particularly powerful:

“Here’s something beautiful: by treating others with kindness, you will create a happy feeling within yourself, effectively creating a positive feedback loop for your mindfulness. This will encourage you to be more mindful throughout your day, which will help you to treat others with yet more kindness, and so on.

Mindfulness and kindfulness feed on each other in a wonderful cycle.”

so give it a shot…be mindful…be kind….see what happens if you spread love everywhere you go. who knows.....you might just get it back 2 fold and if not…well, you can kiss my %*$.

also...a shout out to my mom...happy monthers day, i love you & you rock!!

buttery luv -

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