thursdays child: wears rose colored glasses

when i first moved to chicago, i journaled daily. but i was 22, living on my own in a city i knew nothing about and well...everything was exciting.
the amount of snow that could fall in a mere 24 hours…was miraculous!
the funky coffee shop I found around the corner…so artsy!
the vibrant gay pride parade…so colorful!
a beach nestled at the very base of the city…so cool!
the clubs…outrageous!
the restaurants…divine!!
even the traffic and the blustery weather had a certain sex appeal. everything about the city was a smorgasbord of fresh, shinny, tempting, sophisticated people, places and experiences…all worthy of being remembered, all scribbled in messy 22 year old script while packed next to mysterious strangers on a bus on the way to work.

but all blooms fall from the rose and even the velveteen rabbit ends up in a dusty heap under the bed. because….all things new eventually lose their luster.

and i noticed it happening. the day that i didn’t journal….the week when i “forgot” to write. and before i knew it….my journal was shoved under the bed to gather dust next to memories of mr rabbit. the interesting thing is… i was aware of why i stopped...

...i was embarrassed. i was embarrassed i went through periods of time when days flowed in mundane, muddly riverlets of non sparkly existence and would pile up like dirty sports bras in the bottom of my puma bag. i couldn’t bring myself to memorialize a series of days that were supposed to reflect a cool life, and instead went something like this:

7:00 am alarm, groan and pull covers over head
7:04 turn on weather. -7 with wind chill.
7:15 suck down coffee while deciding exactly how many layers are enough for frostbite prevention and not so many that one feels as if they are entering premature menopause while riding the #7
7:45 run out the door to catch the 7:47 only to see the bus pull off while the driver looks indifferent and the passengers try to pretend they don't see the crazy white woman in a snow suit, waving her arms to stop while in a flat out michelin man sprint
8-6  work, gym, more work, more public transportation
...go to bed, wake, repeat.
i had this idea that if those days weren’t in writing…they could always be something different. if they weren’t in writing, i could remember them through the lens of a more styin pair of rose colored glasses. but once on the page they became…a reality. a boring reality…and in my twenties nothing seemed worse than a boring reality.

today at 4:45 pm i thought, “what the hell do i have to write about?” today was one of those wake up, gym, work and come home to a dead chipmunk on the back porch kind of days.

….and then mr c. came home and gave me one of his great bear hugs and a little nookie and you know what?....i realized that reality is pretty damn nice. and i realized that writing is therapeutic and by finding topics to post, i can literally create a day worth remembering.

and then we buried a chipmunk, ordered some pizza, watched weeds http://www.sho.com/site/weeds/episodes.do and went to sleep...so we could get up tomorrow and do reality all over again.

kisses - mrs m

ps...happy memorial weekend...mr and mrs are out of here and i hope you are too.  wishing you glory days filled with family luv, margaritas, beach trips and boat rides, and a moment out of your weekend to remember:
back to posting...next tuesday.


work it out wednesday: mi casa es mi casa

what do you do when your decorating style differs from that of your spouse? what happens when you love knick-knacks and your spouse is more of a minimalist? what happens when he wants to bring in his treasured diego rivera print and it just doesn’t compliment your lovely grace kelly taittinger? what happens to all those picture frames, pillows, really cute cocktail glasses and art from your travels, the little rocks carved with words like “hugs” and the tiny jade buddha you got from your grandmother?? what about all those meaningful things???? i mean….should it come down to a good defense…i can actually defend each and every trinket with a very good story! that cute silver piggy bank that says “shoe fund”…taught me the important financial lesson of saving. the antique dollies on the dresser came from my old neighbor who was kind-o like my surrogate granny! what happens to my 33 years of ms memorabilia collection damn it??

i like to think i am an open person. i like to think i can compromise (especially when it comes to someone I love as much as mr c). and i’d really like to think i am the kind of wife who can easily take “stuff” down in order to make the house feel more like “ours” instead of “mine”.

evidently when it comes to décor,  i'm not that kind of person.

exhibit a) the other day mr c and i had a bit of a discussion over the décor and it went something like this:
mr c: “ sweetie, if we could just get rid of a few of those shadowboxes with ticket stubs from concerts you went to with god knows who, god knows where….i’d really feel like this were more my home too”.
mrs m: “no f-ing way sucka. you’re locked in now and the knick-knacks stay.”

you can guess where it went from there. bad wifey.

so, to my followers who might actually read this blog or might have said they do just to make me feel good. as you are my witnesses…i promise to com…compro…cough, cough… i promise to compromise and remove excessively girlie knick-knacks ( tiny stakes were just driven under my nails). because although i might not have shown it with the last discussion....mr c does in fact mean more to me than say, pillows and picture frames…and while i might be slow to change, i do want it to be our place...after all, mi casa es mr c casa...

bye-bye buddha.
that is how much I love you mr c


bonvivant tuesday: i like my man like my steak....

i’d love to become a vegetarian....
sadly…i like meat.  a lot.  and so does mr c.
so realistically the chances of that happening are...slim to... not a chance in hell.

however, since our glutinous pleasure is evidently more important than defenseless, tortured animal souls…we felt it important to at least educate ourselves as to where our food was coming from. so mr c and i decided to watch food inc…. and the way in which I look at “food” was forever changed.

if you would like to continue eating your feces ridden, sunlight deprived, corn fed, over crowded, from egg to meal in 30 days, hormone injected, breasts so big they keep falling over chicken....then spare yourself the torture of the film.  if however, you feel you owe something to the countless, mooing, clucking, oinking, meowing (depending upon where you live) lives whose unpleasant and untimely demise you contributed to…then it's worth a watch.

but even as eye opening and informative as the documentary was and as unregulated as the industry is, i know i will still not go totally tofu.  so weak, i know.  that said, i have been sucked in to feeling slightly redeemed and better about my karma, my choices and my carne, by simply buying organic. i am even going so far as to make sure my eggs and milk are hormone free...because as much as i’d like to be a solid c cup…i’d prefer to do it without the help of dr. general mills

so tonight when I cook up a big, fat, juicy steak for bonvivant tues http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/Rib-Eye-T-Bone-and-Strip-Steaks-Cut-Over-One-Inch-358670…don’t think for a sec that i won't send up a little, "thank you cow spirit for giving up your life so that i might enjoy a nice meal", prayer. don't think for a moment that I won’t feel bad about my dinner choice.…I will…just not bad enough to pass up a 12 ozer.

wonderful and amazing, temple grandin

oh and as you're knawing on your yummy, beefy love, sipping a nice, balanced glass of red, check out the following.... http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/10036/1033610-67.stm  you might just feel a little better about being a meat eater...

mrs moooooo


wmmh monday: hangnails, brussel sprouts, annual gym exams, and people who don’t have their change ready when they pull up to the toll….

j.k. what really makes me smile:

a chick who can rock a fedora
a chick who dances the night away

a chick who rides a bike to work, in a dress

a chick who’s not afraid to let her creative side shine

a chick who helps others

kisses- m

our community brought us some communitas

i have a hate/love relationship with richmond.
but hey...its spirit sunday, and yes, i recognize hate is not very spiritie so i’m gonna start with the "bad" first so we can end on a positive…

1. it's small
2. it’s conservative
3. women actually wear laura ashley and carry vera bradley…yes, sometimes together
4. men dip, hold their pants up with confederate flag belts and like to shoot shit
5. when asked where you went to school..they generally mean which of 3 area prep schools (hint: just take a lil peekie at the bumper sticker on moms ole range rover)
6. you know you’re from richmond if you went to college within 100 miles of the city and so did your dad…oh and your uncle and your older brother too. hey, it’s the south and nepotism is cool….being male and loving another male however…is not
7. bob mcdonnell is governor


  1. close to dc, mountains, beach
  2. no traffic
  3. spring is gorgeous
  4. reasonable cost of living
  5. glory cobblestone house
  6. don’t have to take a plane to see the rents
  7. coolest neighborhood in the city
  8. did I mention our cute house…
  9. uu
  10. the bay and sailing
  11. community…communitas
“community” can wear a lot of hats.
friend hats, family hats. neighborhood and associations hats, churches hats, self help, book club, suppa club, mommy morning out and tea parties hats. even swing party hats…or maybe thongs? but it’s when community morphs into communitas that you have yourself a home.

community brings us together. communitas connects us. community keeps us interested. communitas keeps us honest. community is the place. communitas is the root.

all great and community based at the local park

this weekend mr c and i were all about community. friday we supported ummm, wine makers and some local hangouts. saturday we went to the southside farmers market, worked in the yard, went back to support the rededication of a local park and regatta (even watched our neighbors kids) , and then went to a yummy suppa club with my peeps. and sunday we got to know our fun neighbors over cheese and white wine spritzers. and somewhere between spritzer 2 and spritizer 3 I started getting a warm and fuzzy and realized that what mr c and i had here was more than just a great local community….we in fact, had started finding our own little communitas.

mrs m

ps in case you need a refresher:

wikipedia says: community is a group of interacting organisms (or different species) sharing an environment. in human communities, intent, belief, resources, preferences, needs, risks, and a number of other conditions may be present and common, affecting the identity of the participants and their degree of cohesiveness. there were ninety-four definitions of the term by the mid-1950s.1]Traditionally a "community" has been defined as a group of interacting people living in a common location.

communitas is a Latin noun referring either to an unstructured community in which people are equal, or to the very spirit of community. communitas is an intense community spirit, the feeling of great social equality, solidarity, and togetherness. communitas is an acute point of community. it takes community to the next level and allows the whole of the community to share a common experience.


far flung friday: stinky cheese is my friend

last night my mom and i went to go see "letters to juliet" a mindless, adorable romantic film that wistfully left me hoping i look like vanessa redgrave when i grow up. the other thing it left me with... was travel fever. i used to travel to europe several times a year for work and when work pays your passage over….tacking on a few days to explore is well… inevitable. many an adventure was had in my 20’s on a shoestring budget and the company nickel. and i grew to love the freedom of traveling with no plan. rolling like a stone, i’d rent a car, grab a map and head off to explore. some of my most memorable journeys and cutest b&b finds were the result of spontaneity and fyi...some of the best paninis were found at gas stations.

but it has been 2 ½ years since i was last in europe and that is a serious dry spell. i’d managed to keep the wanderlust at bay but last night’s flick was like um, smoking and then wimpering as your best friend withholds the doritos. i want europe and i want it now please. i want to wander through tiny cobblestone streets, sip lukewarm white wine at outdoor café’s, have picnics in meadows, gorge myself on unpasteurized cheeses, sleep in tiny beds with no ac, pick random items off menus b/c we don’t know the language, wear skinny jeans with chucks, journal, ride trains you can set your watch by and do it all with mr c by my side. so today’s far flung is provence…take a look at the attached hotel and let yourself dream…. http://www.mrandmrssmith.com/luxury-hotels/france/provence/lhotel-particulier/

au revoir friday
~mrs m


thursdays child: all things (female) considered

sometimes it sucks to be a girl... for reasons i don’t need to go into... but most of the time it’s pdc (that's "pretty damn cool", mom). but in case today is one of those sucky girl days...here are some things to make you glad you get to shop anthropologie and wear flowers in your hair.

a quirky little girl pop song…just because it’s sweet and fun and i want to…

harmony to my heartbeat - sally seltmann

because every face has a story to tell....

and the biggie.....

rock on girls,

work it out wednesday: caca ethics

Come gather 'round people
Wherever you roam
And admit that the waters
Around you have grown
And accept it that soon
You'll be drenched to the bone.
If your time to you
Is worth savin'
Then you better start swimmin'
Or you'll sink like a stone
For the times they are a-changin'.

Adam Wheeler -Jesse James -John Edwards
Tiger Woods -BP - Wall Street - Lawrence Taylor -Richard Blumenthal

lying, cheating, fraud, misrepresentation, negligence, unethical behavior. the news is fraught with stories highlighting the gross moral decay of everyone from our political leaders to our corporations, our athletes to our celebrities. and once caught with their proverbial, or in come cases…real pants down…oh the excuses. “i’m a sex addict", "i couldn’t help myself.” “that was taken out of context .” “i swear i didn’t know i wasn’t supposed to fondle the altar boy.”

take blumenthal'. even now, it's not as if he's exactly apologizing for misrepresenting his record, he's sticking to the claim that he "misspoke" a few times, and that he might have had "a few misplaced words."

damn you words! you’re always causing problems for those of us who use you.

and wheeler…had he devoted a fraction of the brainpower and industriousness he put into forging transcripts and stealing college letterhead, he might just have earned a spot at harvard.

so where does ones’ moral decline start and when should one be concerned? does it start with a simple little white lie? yes, i came. no, those pants don’t make you look fat. sure, I got 2400 on my SAT. no, your best friend isn’t a looser. some say ethics is a slippery slope…once you start the slide…you just keep on going.

but interestingly enough even those people careening down the slippery moral slope like boddie miller in 06... those people at least like to claim they are ethical. b/c regardless of whether or not you’d actually stab your grandmother in the back….it generally looks pretty bad to come right out and admit that you'd take perverse pleasure in doing so. but alas folks, it seems the caca has run downhill and run downhill fast. impressive transgressions are happening right here. right now. today i experienced it firsthand!! today an executive who shall remain nameless, came right out and condoned unethical behavior! when questioned as to why he felt it’s ok to steal clients, not communicate with colleagues and then lie about it, he chalked it up to “these times they are a changing”. and believe me he wasn’t saying it with dylan style…he was saying do what needs to be done to improve the bottom line and don’t worry about things like oh, say honesty and integrity. bravo corporate leader…i shall follow you anywhere.

it's bad enough to see these ethical transgressions played out on the 5 o’clock news, splashed across the headlines and jammed down our throats on the radio but to have it played out on ones home turf and by ones own coach…well, it makes me realize just how widespread the caca is... and it is disheartening.  i expect to watch my back when i am out in the world at large but having to watch it internally is flat out crap. so i find myself at a cross road...do i follow the guidance of my leader and let myself be effected by an others poor moral development, fear, insecurity and ill fitting suit, or do i send back love and hope that at some point he gets his ass to higher spiritual ground...

how, you are wondering, do evil corporate suits like this tie into "work it out wednesday" and mr c…??? easy...this situation reminded me how thankful i am that the person i had to deal with is not the person i come home to at night.  praise the good universe above.  it makes me grateful that mr c as incredulous as he was, had the presence of mind to remind me that the only path to happiness is to relinquish anger and give back joy (a tad hard right now but i'm working on it)  and that if we are to quell this decay…if we are to stop the lying, the cheating, the negligence and the rash of other unattractive actions….it must start with ourselves.  thank you mr c for your love and wisdom today....you are a peach!

mrs m


bon vivant tuesday: deer, fish and everything in between

enthusiasm: derived from greek. enthusiasm first appeared in english in 1603 with the meaning "possession by a god." the source of the word is the greek enthousiasmos, which ultimately comes from the adjective entheos, "having the god within". over time the meaning of enthusiasm became extended to "rapturous inspiration like that caused by a god" to "an overly confident or delusory belief that one is inspired by god," to "ill-regulated religious fervor, religious extremism," and eventually to the familiar sense "craze, excitement, strong liking for something." now one can have an enthusiasm for almost anything, from water skiing to food, without religion entering into it at all.

i am an enthusiasm junky. i like to have strong likings. i like to feel ebullient over things…it makes me feel sprightly. it makes me feel alive. and i don’t ration out my ebullience based on how grandiose something is. i am an equal opportunist enthusiast. i am as moved to excited ohhs and ahhs, yipees and giddy smiles over one singular, lovely and perfect french macaroon as i was when i found my wedding dress. i can fall just as hard for a quirky little deer statue i found at an estate sale as i would over finding the perfect car.
i also like people who have strong likings because often times their exuberance is contagious and i like that also. i just had lunch with my friend beth and she too has a zest for the different. she takes interest in the little details which take the average and make it extraordinary. i appreciate her ideas. she’s one cool chick. today she found an npr, touted indian place that just opened and while indian food doesn’t get me all that excited the simple fact that she took the time to look for something new, it was trendy and had fennel seed candy for dessert…. does.

so yes, tonight i’m going to get my kicks making fish fillets in parchment with asparagus and orange http://www.epicurious.com/articlesguides/healthy/nutritiousdishes/springvegetables/recipes/food/views/Fish-Fillets-in-Parchment-with-Asparagus-and-Orange-241849 accompanied by yellow tomatoes stuffed with grilled mushrooms and parmesan cheese http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/Yellow-Tomatoes-Stuffed-with-Grilled-Wild-Mushrooms-and-Parmesan-Cheese-358969. topped off by a mango flan with orange mango salad http://www.epicurious.com/articlesguides/healthy/nutritiousdishes/springvegetables/recipes/food/views/Low-Fat-Mango-Flan-with-Orange-and-Mango-Salad-5695. I’m not sure what that says about me that my day will have been a success because I tried and enjoyed 2 different meals but ohh, ahh, yippe, clap-clap…it is.

yeah tuesday,
mrs m


whatever makes me happy monday: happy happy birthday baby….

so on this wmmh b-day i am celebrating a few delights that make me want to close my eyes and make a wishhhhh....
this cake…

the festive celebration and fabulous euro feast my parents threw for me last night…

this dress, which if I owned, would be my sexy ensemble for tonights b-day dinner
mr c and his contented boat smiles

this tub, in this room because i am quite certain this + mr c + a glass of bubbles and life would always be lovely....

and a smile this big over a plastic veggie with a creepy stash

b-day kisses and luv
mrs 34


spirit sunday: my religion

in your light i learn how to love.
in your beauty, how to make poems.
you dance inside my chest,
where no one sees you,
but sometimes i do,
and that sight becomes art.
~ rumi

rumi...he's kind of my religion

the ability to say so much so succinctly. ..leaves me mystified and awed.  i sat with those words for awhile as i started at the bay and wondered; to what or to whom he was referring when he says "your light" and "your beauty"? 

the universe, nature, a lover...something else completely? 

i adore this poem precisely because all three answers are correct.  i am fascinated by it because it makes me consider another possibility.   i am struck by it because it inspires me to be open to whatever unexplainable thing evokes such passion in another.  it is inside works like these...that i find my spirit on a sunday...




this will be me..a gayer me....when i meet mr c at the rivah shortly!!
happy friday world!!!


far flung friday: slick and all

today's far flung....the louisiana gulf coast. why...b/c this could be my last chance. because how can that state continue to take one hit after another and rebuild. because i'm pissed. i'm one pissed off mo'fo. one b.a. white girl who would love to drive down there and put a cap in the ass of some lying, cheating, bp corporate jerks .

lately i have visions of me (appropriately named something cool like willow, begonia or fern), driving my vw bus down to la to stick their bp jerk heads in toilets full of oil and give them oil slick swirlies.

after that i would march the bp jerks down to the beaches and marshes and make them give mouth to mouth to all the suffocating gators and fish. in my vision and i'd refuse to leave till someone took responsibility for raping the environment and leaving the world to take care of the octopulets. in my visions....i’d make a difference. 

instead…here i am, in my corporate office that i drove to…with my corporate backstabbers…far, far away from the destruction. far from the people whose livelihoods have been effected, from the beaches that are being destroyed, from the animals that are hurting and the ocean that is being polluted. let’s face it…my b.a., mo’fo vision of myself…is just that, a vision. bc if i were that b.a.…i would leave the corporate butt kissers (can you tell i've got some rage in me towards work) behind, hop in mini and drive my ass down there and do something…anything.

instead, here's me and my small attempt to help…cuz maybe if we all do something small…it will end up making a big difference….

http://www.citizen.org/boycott-bp  sign the boycott and don't buy your gas from bp!!

bang bang,
b.a. wanna be


thursdays child has far to go: the waiting place

Oh! The Places You’ll Go!

You’ll be on your way up!
You’ll be seeing great sights!
You’ll join the high fliers who soar to high heights.

You won’t lag behind, because you’ll have the speed. You’ll pass the whole gang and you’ll soon take the lead. Wherever you fly, you’ll be best of the best. Wherever you go, you will top all the rest.

Except when you don’t.
Because, sometimes, you won’t.

You will come to a place where the streets are not marked. Some windows are lighted. But mostly they’re darked. A place you could sprain both your elbow and chin! Do you dare to stay out? Do you dare to go in? How much can you lose? How much can you win?

You can get so confused that you’ll start in to race down long wiggled roads at a break-necking pace and grind on for miles across weirdish wild space, headed, I fear, toward a most useless place.

The Waiting Place…for people just waiting. ~ Dr. Seuss

come on...admit it, you know that place....

i look foward to my little daily blogs. sending my thoughts… be them mundane, silly, errant, irreverent, thoughtful or even thoughtless, out into space.... has in fact, done what i had hoped it would… it has pushed me out of my “waiting place”. It has pushed me to look more closely, think more creatively, listen more attentively, question more gently, to be more engaged…and then try, try, try like the dickens (what is a dickens anyway, anyone?) to explain my findings to a world of imaginary cindy- lu-whos and thing 1 and thing 2's.

the world is so ripe with breathtaking material… but unless i am mindful…unless i am deliberate…unless i urge myself to look for the interesting, the soul quenching, the mysterious, the joyous, the titillating….it can feel like i am just waiting.

the odd thing is…i’m not even sure what it is i’m waiting for.

all i know is on those days…the days my morale gets screwed by an unethical coworker, my spirit aches with empathy for the earth, or my heart hurts for the lonely….i get caught in some kind of holding pattern in my head. it’s on those days that i urge myself with almost frantic intensity… to look for the lovely on this planet. and when i find it...i drink it in and send it off  and realize that in that instant of mental change i am no longer waiting but somehow....participating.

Today is your day!
Your mountain is waiting.
So…get on your way!

mrs m


work it out wednesday: affectionately know in pig latin as ectionaffay

gerrr. rar. gruff. snarl. lick. it’s a secret language. not unlike the one you dreamt up back in 6th grade when you found out the hard way that pig latin http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pig_Latin   was not in fact your invention and that you needed more sophisticated code if you and your bff were to continue discussing how cute your crush was without the note being intercepted and posted on said crush’s locker. not that that ever happened to me.

gerrr. rar, gruff. snarl lick. this is our secret language. mr c’s and mine. *with that cheese you have my full blessing to navigate away from this blog and never again return… but if you’re still reading…consider this…that secret language you had with your friend in the 6th grade…something about it made you feel invincible right? something about it bonded the two of you together in that jelly bracelet swap, spit in the palm handshake kind of way that you still remember to this day. same goes for our gruffs and snarls…i can’t pinpoint the first time we actually growled affectionately at one another and why in fact one of us didn’t run or at the very least make fun of the other but…they stuck and rough translations have come to include but are not limited to:

“you’re so damn yummy I could eat you”
“i’ve got a hot husband”
“I’d like to bite big chunks of flesh from your buttocks but missing flesh on newlyweds tends to raise eyebrows so I have to settle for this rarr instead.”

And….when we’ve gotten on each others nerves…this language can be a way of breaking the ice and saying, “let’s get over this spat…I miss you” and even “I’m sorry”.

where am i going with this?  well, there is this relationship guru guy named gottman. the smiley bearded, mock turtleneck guy below is gottman himself....

ask most any counselor and they’ll probably know who I’m talking about but in short gottman is world renowned for his work involving the study of emotions, physiology, and communication and has been able to determine with 90% accuracy which newlywed couples will divorce after 6 years. pretty wild right? and for most of those 35 years he has claimed seven key principles http://www.nj-act.org/article8.html that would reinforce the positive aspects of a relationship and help marriages endure during the rough moments….mr c seemed to think gottman knows what he’s talking about so when we created our “marriage principals” http://thespacebetweenmsandmrs.blogspot.com/2010/05/work-it-out-wednesday-driving-married.html…some of his ideas were even included. but here’s the wild part…after 35 years and studying over 3000 couples gottman recently disavowed his previous work and the work of all other couple therapists and proposed a revolutionary new form of couple therapy that said….dun dun da…..all you really have to do to have a better marriage is focus on each others positive qualities.

that’s it!!! comment on his big hands, sick hoop skills, primo dishwashing action and he'll be a happier mr….growl your appreciation for his bod and...ummm, you'll be a happier mrs. and you know what…it makes total sense. b/c when we boil it down to it’s simplest….don’t we all want our partner to think they have the hottest wife, the greatest mom, the quirkeyest blogger? it’s when we feel we’ve lost the sparkle that at one time made our partner hang on our every word…that we freak out and and do things we…..shouldn’t. so whether you growl, gruff, or just plan ole compliment…go jump on your man (or woman) and tell em just how fabulous they are.  and when you're done..give em a little bite just to see what they do....



whatever makes me happy monday: in these shoes

tra-la-la-la-la. i heart wmmhm’s. pure, unadulterated, girlie, non mrs., hedonistic, whatever catches my eye love. i am full of them today…

sunset sailing with mr c, chili infused margaritias, morning workouts, freshly mowed lawns, nutella crepes, sleeping with the windows open and these shoes…

with this dress….

at this party...

smile on monday