far flung fri....all that glitters

they say happiness begets happiness….
if this is true than we sure have a lot more of it today.

“you look beautiful”, he mouthed
as she took her place beside him.
and for a second she forgot the billion plus eyes
playing voyeur to their moment
...and smiled

it’s everything and nothing all at once…
it’s the pomp and circumstance, the mounted calvary,
the flamboyant hats and the timeless carriages,
it’s two people, it’s hope visibly shining,
it’s a universal moment of connection to
all marriages,
of all peoples,
across time.

“we had so hoped this could have been a small family affair”
he joked.
and for a second the world forgot he was a prince
and she a princess.
and instead saw a boy taking a girl
to be his wife
and the happiness flood began.

best wishes to all who shared, in some way,
in the days happiness


happy birthday space between….
today you are one year old.

xoxo ~ mrs m


spring has sprung

i've been cheating on you....yes.

i've been having an affair with spring

i've been naught-ly
trysting with tulips.
i've become
 transfixed by bright patches of gorgeous chartreuse grasses
vibrant with life.
i've allowed myself to be caressed by lilac tinted breezes
and to love on golden headed daffodils.
i've been
digging my fingers into the fresh, wet earth
to plant my own goodness.
and smiling while i nibble carrots and other fresh greens.
i've been dreaming of baby chicks,
baby rabbits....
baby lambs...
baby, babies...

spring...i'd follow you anywhere

with such a rampant proliferation of beauty
 i'm aglow with the possibility that such 
miracles can make it possible to 
see no evil
hear no evil
speak no evil

a girl can dream,
can't she......

on this easter weekend
allow yourself to get swept up in spring...
fall in love with her
be kind to the earth
dance barfefoot in the yard
wish on stars
ignore evil

happy easter
happy earth day

xoxo ~ mrs m


stuff just too school for cool

oh myyyyyyy

funked up kicks


 just about everything in this pic

miles and miles of gorgeous gams

mrs m

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