far flung friday: stinky cheese is my friend

last night my mom and i went to go see "letters to juliet" a mindless, adorable romantic film that wistfully left me hoping i look like vanessa redgrave when i grow up. the other thing it left me with... was travel fever. i used to travel to europe several times a year for work and when work pays your passage over….tacking on a few days to explore is well… inevitable. many an adventure was had in my 20’s on a shoestring budget and the company nickel. and i grew to love the freedom of traveling with no plan. rolling like a stone, i’d rent a car, grab a map and head off to explore. some of my most memorable journeys and cutest b&b finds were the result of spontaneity and fyi...some of the best paninis were found at gas stations.

but it has been 2 ½ years since i was last in europe and that is a serious dry spell. i’d managed to keep the wanderlust at bay but last night’s flick was like um, smoking and then wimpering as your best friend withholds the doritos. i want europe and i want it now please. i want to wander through tiny cobblestone streets, sip lukewarm white wine at outdoor cafĂ©’s, have picnics in meadows, gorge myself on unpasteurized cheeses, sleep in tiny beds with no ac, pick random items off menus b/c we don’t know the language, wear skinny jeans with chucks, journal, ride trains you can set your watch by and do it all with mr c by my side. so today’s far flung is provence…take a look at the attached hotel and let yourself dream…. http://www.mrandmrssmith.com/luxury-hotels/france/provence/lhotel-particulier/

au revoir friday
~mrs m

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