whatever makes me happy monday: cool girls and elf love

remember in school when you wanted to be friends with the cool girl? not the conventional cool girl with the scrunchy units belt, espadrilles and booty kissing, hello kitty flavored smile but the…loner cool girl? the one who was totally cool precisely because she couldn’t give a f@*k if she was?
me neither...because we didn’t have a chick that cool where I went to school…

now though… i find i get big girl versions of wanting to be friends with the cool girl all the time. those groovy moms I see at the farmers market…i really want to grab a shot of wheat grass and an organic scone and talk composting and volunteerism. the business woman I saw slinging a hip satchel without the initials LV (a satchel is btw, totally alright to use for work if one is cool enough to pull it off)…i bet she knows just the outdoor spot for a crisp and refreshing sauvignon blanc and a little people watching…and the guy across the street with the fabulous yard and really short running shorts…I bet he throws a dyno-mite party and knows that st germain is not only a kick ass French musician but also the greatest liqueur  http://www.stgermain.fr/index2.php on the planet.
the trouble is how....does one actually become friends with the cool girls when one....

a) doesn’t have a dog to walk 
b) a kid to take on play dates, which are really just opportunities parents use to scope out other cool parents without the fear of rejection
c) doesn’t go to school anymore
d) doesn’t have semi – stalkerish tendencies?

Well as they say….imitation is the highest form of flattery b/c today i have stolen my “whatever makes me happy” pic  from a girl that just seems way cool. petunia face girl http://petuniafacedgirl.blogspot.com/

why the creepy, cheerie elf? because...
a) i’ve got it bad for petunia face girl (not in the aforementioned semi-stalkerish kind of way but in a...she seems cool enough to sit around, toss back a cocktail and chat candidly about life kind of way.  not the carefully guarded, life is perfect, bs chat that seems to be the staple in a more conservative southern city..but one littered with explicative’s and laughter....
b) because I’ve just had a s*^t kind of day.

so here’s to wendzel my borderline obscene elf and the only and I mean only thing that has managed to bring a smile to my face today. Thanks PFG and if you ever want a cocktail...I’m your cool girl.


1 comment:

Petunia Face said...

That's it--we're friends. I'll have you know there's no turning back as I already made you a few friendship pins for your reeboks.

After reading a few of your entries I would be happy to sit in the sun and drink a few embarrassingly girlie cocktails with you.

I like you, too.