whatever makes me happy monday....some like it hot

mr c is awesome.
last night he went to his first bikram class ever
and he sweated through it like the hot champ he is.
after a two year bikram hiatus
i found the 90 min class as fabulously, miserable as it ever was.
the process of repeating 26 organ twisting poses in 105 degrees
is uniquely, uncomfortable and intense
...but i swear i walk out of there on a total oxygen high.

so today i am happy for a hubby who goes to hot yoga with me and does so….
relatively cheerfully ;) .
i am happy for lungs and blood and air and health.
and i am happy that tonight might just bring us another snow day tomorrow!

happy monday ya’ll!
mrs m


spirit sunday: 3's

via naturally nina

a poem for the heart

let your love flow outward through the universe,
to its height, its depth, its broad extent,
a limitless love, without hatred or enmity.
then as you stand or walk,
sit or lie down,
as long as you are awake,
strive for this with a one-pointed mind;
your life will bring heaven to earth.
~ sutta nipata

an idea for the mind

a song for the soul

happy sunday!
xoxo ~ mrs m


thursdays child: growing is forever

snowfall brings with it, such a profound sense of peace.
the world slows down and the land, blanketed in silence
…is still at last.
snowflakes grace the tippy tops of trees, making glittering,
green and silver evening gowns
out of the frosty white branches.
it is as if the world sighs and smiles,
telling us just to....

last night, mr c and i took a midnight walk
through the streets of our neighborhood
and felt like we had stepped through the looking glass
and on to the set of some fantastical movie.
with fluffy snow up to our kneecaps,
the main streets yet to be plowed
and blinking, yellow stop lights reflecting the darkness…
we were the only people in the world.
looking up into street lights, snowflakes rained down upon our upturned faces
like a billion little stars…..

it seemed like angels were everywhere.

today the snow blower whirls outside my window,
the news recalls tails of weather induced woes
and the snow is turning grey around the edges.

the race has begun afresh…
the snow now, more an annoyance than a wonder.

but for a few short hours we lived in natures perfect bubble,
soft and silent, grace-filled and grateful….

last night's reverence reminded me of another forest and the voice of the world within…

Growing is Forever from Jesse Rosten on Vimeo.

happy snow day!
~mrs m


whatever makes me happy monday: double dog dare ya...

this monday
i dare you to.....

take your inner bad girl out for a ride...

treat yourself, (no low fat allowed)
and realllllly enjoy it....

try a tattoo someplace sexy and unexpected....

indulge in a bit of pda with someone delicious

layer, layer and then layer some more
(oh how i love this look!!!)

stop talking about that super cute pixie cut you've always wanted to try...
and get it done already!

happy monday!!!


relationship wednesday: balance

so simple 
so profound
what would happen (in all our relationships),
 if we didn't keep score....??



bon vivant tues: the art of the steal


i just finished reading a lovely, little (ha!) book called,
swan thief's...
and since the turn of the last page,
have found myself looking more closely at art. 
wondering, like most....
what really separates the good from the great
and pondering the lives of long gone artists
who's paint stained hands, labored over canvases
...night after feverish night. 

surely a trip to the louvre or the musee d'orsay...was in order?? 
but paris?? 
non, ne se produira pas à ce moment.
even new york seemed out of the question...

but do you know where some of the worlds greatest
(and i definitely mean greatest)
collections of cezanne's, matisee and picassos are housed?

a mere 2 miles from where i sit...
and mr c and i have a reservation next weekend. 

this is indeed,
one of the most compelling and jaw dropping stories i have heard in a long time...
but be warned.....it does not have a happy ending.

in a world where one would hope that at the very least...
the true lovers and supports of art, would have integrity,
you will find that everything....has a political price.

dear mr barnes, i am truly sorry...
~ mrs m


far flung fri: blackberry fields forever

if mr c and i were to splurge on an over the top, luxurious US based vacay…blackberry farm would certainly make it to the best and final.

once we’d checked into our cozy cottage suite, mr c would grab my mitten-ed hand and we’d stroll around the grounds checking out the orchards and gardens and marveling at the feel of being transported back to a more simple time.

pink cheeked and hungry, we’d wander by the kitchen and find to our delight, that we were just in time for a cheese tasting, paired with local jams and preserves…all natural of course.

from there the weekend would be full of amazing cuisine, fly fishing, yoga, hikes and cuddles by the fire.
and what glory get-away, weekend would be complete without the sharp trill of the horn calling all gentleman and ladies to their  trusty steads...

a fox hunt is, after all, so very southern ya'll.....

we'd leave satiated and refreshed,
promising the owners we'd be back again soon,
and we'd mean it....

happy weekend.


thursdays child: in living color

these days the world is so rich and vibrant with color, it’s almost blinding.

a kaleidoscope of cerises and buffs, papaya whips and lemon chiffons, moccasins and salmons, sorbets, cornflowers , cayennes, limes and plums….even nate berkus blues

neon mac covers, and blinged out iphone skins, blinking lights, electric billboards, color tvs and computer screens….

grey days depress and black and white movies are passé.
love is red, sadness is blue.
even envy has a color, she's green.

have we as a society been so over stimulated that we can only register emotion when it’s in living color?
by doing so, do we somehow miss the forest for the trees?

after the bold, brilliant reds of passion fade....
are the soft hued ambers that smolder, any less earth shattering and powerful?

what if we were to rest temporarily in the mansuetude of the colorless….and really looked at who and what was around us? would we find the world boring and bleak or more colorful then we ever imagined?

i dare you to watch this and reconsider....
xoxo your true companion
~ m

ps the above tear jerker was gratefully pulled from colorful, mackin ink
check her out....


new blood

unbelievably amazing, soul scorching art over at newblood
yesterday, was.... not my finest....but today is much brighter.

mr. c and i awoke this morning to a city blanketed in the softest, of powdery snow.
a wonderland of white outside our windows....
and from across the ocean...an unexpected compliment, from someone so talented...
i almost blushed.

this is talent
the colors, the expression, the creativity....

what an amazing age we live in, that my day is more vibrant and alive
thanks to images of connection half a world away.



whatever makes me happy monday: welcome home dear

monday dreamin.....

a cozy, little kitchen in which to cook

a tranquil room in which to read

a divine room in which to rest

an inspiring place for one to work

a delectable pool in which to plunge....

xoxo ~ mrs m

e = mc what?

last week i enrolled in a finance class at villanova.

“finance”, you say….with a frown (and for those that know me….considerable worry...).


because after all….it’s finance. what is left to say?

i tried. really i did.
finance sounded responsible. it sounded so prudent. it sounded oh so thought through, so very main line and planned. it was, the logical next step….
finance leads to mba…mba leads to degree….degree leads to…..more of the same….

and there she was…

there was my future, sitting on the table before me with a bottle of cheap tequila in one hand, a riveting principals of finance book in the other and a rather disgusted look on her face.

and instead of soaring my heart did a rather ungraceful flop into the pool of my imagination…
and promptly sank.

so today…i grew some cajones. i withdrew from finance and enrolled in a writing class.
and i am ebullient.

life is after all..too short and if i don’t try….i’ll never know.

muah ~ m


3 - 2 - 1.....

do you remember a moment (getting your diploma, landing your first job, conquering an old fear), when you were filled with such a sense of wonder at your own limitless potential that it literally had you floating just above the ground?

tethered to reality with the barest wisp of a doubt you struck out on the adventure called your life.
and you did things….
moved to new cities
tried new foods
made friends with strangers.
you traveled, danced, kissed, put yourself out there.

and you did it all because there it was...burning inside your chest…undeniable.

the feeling that you could light the world on fire…

and then you had your heart broken, got sucked into a job you didn’t like, parted ways with friends you thought you’d always have and one day you thought...


thank the good universe for new year’s.

they are every woman’s equivalent of a catholic’s confessional induced clean slate.

i am completely dithyrambic about new beginnings. that is why i love january 1st. each year we wind up december as beaten down versions of our previous january selves… but no matter how many mistakes we made…each new year we have the unbelievably gracious opportunity to…try and make it “right” again.  each day we can work harder, give boldly, love more, judge less, laugh louder, hug harder, act sillier, and do more of those thing we yearn to do.
we can cultivate that feeling of limitless potential and we can live it.

mr c and i said a fond goodbye to 2010 with a new years eve yoga class and loads of champagne.
just the two of us
mr + mrs
and it was amazing.
there are many things about 2010 that i will take with me and cherish, our wedding being one of them…but in the first hours of 2011, i find myself once again looking forward and filled with excitement at being able to create a new path for my mrs and ms selves

 a few of my thoughts for the new year.....

  • speak my mind more in the office and after 2 years of hard work....finally launch our fund!
  • yoga + meditate - "the reason we enter into meditation is because we have an inner hunger.  we feel that within us there is something luminous, something vast, something divine." ~ sri chinmoy
  • be deliberate in thoughts and action
  • eat more fruits and veggies and much less meat!
  • cultivate new friends and stay close to old ones
  • take a class just because i'm interested in the subject
  • read finish books
  • spread love
  • work on being the best wife i can be
  • get involved
  • and start thinking about ......

happy new year...the best really is yet to come!
~ mrs m