thursdays child: two byrds with one stone

it's been a week since i posted anything and yes, i missed you blog.  you, my little escape.  you my.....me, me, me, ramble on me, time.

as previously posted, there is some crazy new  and exciting stuff going on in my world. house renting, house painting (mr c rocks), impending move, packing and all the joys related to that.  and kitten finding....

so i've been thinking for awhile now that having a kitten would be fun.  kind of like a baby trial run....

but without the baby. 
a week ago today como killed a bird...yes my fat chicago cat has become a cold stone killa.  me not so excited about that transition...mr c oddly proud.  so since mr c congratulates como when he drops tiny, dead animals at our doorstep while i hope he reverts back to the fat lazy beast he used to be...i nicely asked mr c to clean it up.  had you seen the wingless thing, identifiable only by the feather shrapnel surrounding its half eaten bird body...you would understand why.  well bless his soul, mr c forgot and when i looked out the window 8 hours later...my frustration was...let's call it, mounting.  the now maggot ridden carcus, festering in the 100 degree heat had attracted a rat!!  a rat.  "now we have rats mr c", i thought, "and you are in some deep shit".  wait....not really a rat......a kitten.  kitten?!?

yes, closer inspection yielded....one poor little, starving kitten chowing down on one very nappy bird. so sad, right!? before i know it, i'm off.... trying to save the world...well, one kitten at a time.  yes, saving damnit.

"saving" resulted in me running around the yard like a mad woman trying to pounce on this kitten, and looking up to see my korean neighbor peering out her window with a rather concerned look on her face.. 

not daunted, i continued searching only to walk back into the yard and see kitten....back at the bird. 

i see kitten.  kitten sees me.  kitten looks at bird. kitten looks back at me.  kitten tries to decide whether bird is worth risking entrapment by crazy white girl shaking a can of catnip and crawling under bushes.  i must have looked that bad myself because kitten promptly grabs entire stinkin bird in mouth (no small feat as bird was as big as he was) looks at me and scampers off.  much searching ensues again.....no kitten. so for the next 2 hours i am in and out of the house every 20 minutes hoping kitten comes back.  on one of those trips out,  i hear it.  a pitiful cry.  so i look up to find the little guy has climbed halfway up a freaking tree and way out on a thin branch. after a call to the local fire department to which i am told that, no, it's not like the movies and hot firemen don't rescue kittens out of trees (serious disappointment) I drag out a ladder to try and cox the kitten down.  i only succeed in driving him father up tree. 

hours later i hear cats screaming, as only cats can do and run out to see como has cornered kitten up against the fence.  i see my opening and sans gloves make a dive for kitten. 

fast forward 48 hours...it has taken two days for my cat scratched arm to heal and for byrd to warm up to me....but he did and i am in love.  he is pure, uncomplicated, peels of laughter inducing joy.  everything he does is cute...even the fact that he can let out kitty farts that would peel paint off walls and make high school boys dive for cover, thus earning him the nickname "swamp arse", can't temper his cuteness.   

i saw this the other day and since it looks like byrd and since i like kittens and this is easier than climbing a tree....a little warning for ya...

please save the kittens!!!
happy long weekend-
mrs m

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