our community brought us some communitas

i have a hate/love relationship with richmond.
but hey...its spirit sunday, and yes, i recognize hate is not very spiritie so i’m gonna start with the "bad" first so we can end on a positive…

1. it's small
2. it’s conservative
3. women actually wear laura ashley and carry vera bradley…yes, sometimes together
4. men dip, hold their pants up with confederate flag belts and like to shoot shit
5. when asked where you went to school..they generally mean which of 3 area prep schools (hint: just take a lil peekie at the bumper sticker on moms ole range rover)
6. you know you’re from richmond if you went to college within 100 miles of the city and so did your dad…oh and your uncle and your older brother too. hey, it’s the south and nepotism is cool….being male and loving another male however…is not
7. bob mcdonnell is governor


  1. close to dc, mountains, beach
  2. no traffic
  3. spring is gorgeous
  4. reasonable cost of living
  5. glory cobblestone house
  6. don’t have to take a plane to see the rents
  7. coolest neighborhood in the city
  8. did I mention our cute house…
  9. uu
  10. the bay and sailing
  11. community…communitas
“community” can wear a lot of hats.
friend hats, family hats. neighborhood and associations hats, churches hats, self help, book club, suppa club, mommy morning out and tea parties hats. even swing party hats…or maybe thongs? but it’s when community morphs into communitas that you have yourself a home.

community brings us together. communitas connects us. community keeps us interested. communitas keeps us honest. community is the place. communitas is the root.

all great and community based at the local park

this weekend mr c and i were all about community. friday we supported ummm, wine makers and some local hangouts. saturday we went to the southside farmers market, worked in the yard, went back to support the rededication of a local park and regatta (even watched our neighbors kids) , and then went to a yummy suppa club with my peeps. and sunday we got to know our fun neighbors over cheese and white wine spritzers. and somewhere between spritzer 2 and spritizer 3 I started getting a warm and fuzzy and realized that what mr c and i had here was more than just a great local community….we in fact, had started finding our own little communitas.

mrs m

ps in case you need a refresher:

wikipedia says: community is a group of interacting organisms (or different species) sharing an environment. in human communities, intent, belief, resources, preferences, needs, risks, and a number of other conditions may be present and common, affecting the identity of the participants and their degree of cohesiveness. there were ninety-four definitions of the term by the mid-1950s.1]Traditionally a "community" has been defined as a group of interacting people living in a common location.

communitas is a Latin noun referring either to an unstructured community in which people are equal, or to the very spirit of community. communitas is an intense community spirit, the feeling of great social equality, solidarity, and togetherness. communitas is an acute point of community. it takes community to the next level and allows the whole of the community to share a common experience.

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