far flung friday: beached

today’s far flung friday isn’t really all that far but it’s close to my heart and hey...i’m headed there this afternoon. va beach. I realize nothing about it sounds exotic like saint tropez or ibiza or even emerald isle (umm) but in a short hour and fourty minute drive…i’m at the beach, a pretty darn nice beach at that and a beach that I have been frequenting since I was um bebe....

me as um bebe

in fact it’s safe to say my obsession with the water and all thing beachie can be traced back to those lazy summer days when dad, who kind of looked like a Caucasian Ponch would build sand swimming pools, teach me how to navigate currents, dive through waves and body surf and mom would slather on the hot pink zink, pack yummy lunches complete with little cans of v8 and take me for walks to pick up both sea shells and trash. i loved those days. just the 3 of us. our itty bitty fam enjoying each other and our beach.

reflecting on those memories now makes me grafeful to my rents for the life long skills they taught me at such a tender age. namely how to be:

a) a competent swimmer

b) an adept sand castle builder

c) confident in my posing skills (b/c i would not be the woman i am today without the ability to pose stright faced for shots like this one)

but it also makes me excited to think about the day mr c and i make our own summer memories...just us, a place we love and our little tortured rug rats…. happy friday...

beach luv and smiles-

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linda.hannen said...

luv these pics of you plus you and the "rents"! Suz & I have enjoyed reading your blog...awesome job girl!!!