whatever makes me happy monday: reflection

she looked at the calendar above her desk and let out a little gulp….
”why, tomorrow I shall be 35", she breathed.”

nonplussing those closest to her with her reaction to the 
mini milestone of a birthday,
the realization in fact brought with it a pinch of apprehension, 
a dash of “where has the time gone", 
a cup of anticipation 
and some aforementioned, rainbow colored 

fuckity fuck fuck sprinkles for good measure.

she turned off the coffee pot, 
turned on the news 
and listened with amusement as she was informed that 
evidentially there are now expiration dates on a women's ability 
to dress as they please…
leggings should be retired by 45

bikinis banned by 47,
stilettos substituted for sensible heels by 51,
and long hair makes way for the boring, conservative bob by 53,

but miniskirts.......35??

she shot a rather un-lady like finger in the general direction of the tv 
and made a mental note to stock up on mini’s

sitting with her hands wrapped around a cooling cup of joe 
she lost herself in reflection. 
and so it was several minutes before she noticed 
the two wolfs lying at her feet. 

when she looked at the dark wolf 
she saw cars and houses, titles and w-2’s 
and things collected for collectings’ sake.

when her eyes rested upon the white wolf 
she caught glimpses of people and ideas, 
feelings and connection.

 she looked at the dark wolf again, 
he was much closer now 
and she felt her belly tighten with worry over time and money, 
image and accomplishment, 
conformity and definitely about things like....
babies and birthdays.  
but as he pulled closer still she noticed his coat was mangy
and his torn ears. 
 her hand fluttered to her mouth.  
"ohhhh" she mouthed.
his lackluster eyes met her own and trembled.

the white wolf paced just out of reach 
but when she looked at him she could sense laughter and peace, 
simplicity and contentment, 
attitude not age. 

he was graceful and lithe 
and so close she could almost touch him... 
but as she stretched out her hand to caress the chalk white fur 
it was only her finger tips that grazed him and just for a skin-stant.

but that was enough…

a knock at the door
brought her back to reality.
she looked up at the calendar...

tomorrow she would be 

she smiled and made a promise 
that while she would acknowledge both wolves
 she do her best to feed the good one.

with that
she leaned out the window to see who had knocked
and laughed as she saw 
 2 furry tails slowly disappear around the corner.

kisses and hugs ~ m

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goodniteirene.wordpress.com said...

happy birthday sweetness.
i sayonara'd that fucking bikini in high school...{pretty much}....along with the sun.
mini skirts were never my thing anyway either...
even in my 20's i've always fancied the 60's section of Bazaar's "Dress for you Age."....
leggings and studded vests can suck it. caftans and equestrian jackets have always done me right.

Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

Such a gorgeous post. And a very happy birthday. I don't believe in rules -- if you still want to wear miniskirts and can pull them off, then do it. Don't forget the most important lesson: never act your age. Acting young keeps you young I think.

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