far flung friday: slick and all

today's far flung....the louisiana gulf coast. why...b/c this could be my last chance. because how can that state continue to take one hit after another and rebuild. because i'm pissed. i'm one pissed off mo'fo. one b.a. white girl who would love to drive down there and put a cap in the ass of some lying, cheating, bp corporate jerks .

lately i have visions of me (appropriately named something cool like willow, begonia or fern), driving my vw bus down to la to stick their bp jerk heads in toilets full of oil and give them oil slick swirlies.

after that i would march the bp jerks down to the beaches and marshes and make them give mouth to mouth to all the suffocating gators and fish. in my vision and i'd refuse to leave till someone took responsibility for raping the environment and leaving the world to take care of the octopulets. in my visions....i’d make a difference. 

instead…here i am, in my corporate office that i drove to…with my corporate backstabbers…far, far away from the destruction. far from the people whose livelihoods have been effected, from the beaches that are being destroyed, from the animals that are hurting and the ocean that is being polluted. let’s face it…my b.a., mo’fo vision of myself…is just that, a vision. bc if i were that b.a.…i would leave the corporate butt kissers (can you tell i've got some rage in me towards work) behind, hop in mini and drive my ass down there and do something…anything.

instead, here's me and my small attempt to help…cuz maybe if we all do something small…it will end up making a big difference….

http://www.citizen.org/boycott-bp  sign the boycott and don't buy your gas from bp!!

bang bang,
b.a. wanna be

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