happy birthday jc

feliz navidad
joyeux noel
froehliche weihnachten
boas festas
kung his hsin nien bing chu shen tan
zalig kerstfeast
shub naya baras

whatever you believe....
i wish you and your family much love and happiness on this special day!
mistletoe kisses ~ mrs m


far flung friday: verbier


given a choice...i would easily opt for sun over snow. but with a light dusting of powerdy goodness on the ground and the christmas lights all aglow... and what could really be better than cuddling up in front of a fire with mr c and 5 of our best couple friends?
 who wants in???

verbier is one of europe’s premier ski resorts and the largest of the 4 valley ski region in the swiss alps. alongside aavoleyres, bruson and mt fort, verbier is renowned for its skiing prowess.

this luxury ski chalet is nestled high above the main village in the exclusive hamlet (i heart hamlets) of clambin and is accessed on skis via the blue clambin piste. bellaiuva is actually 2 chalets combined together, both over 100 years old. it includes a ‘wet room’ complete with heated boot warmers and clothes dryers. on the first floor, there is a high tech media room and a brazilian slate steam bath with rain shower big enough for 2....ummm.  the chalet also has a ski-doo and snow vehicle and on the third day when all the girls wish for a little escape...we'll zoom down to the main village for a drink and to dish about the uber hot ski instructor how awesome our boys are :)

the chalet’s name means “beautiful view” in local patois and we will indeed be blown away by the pristine, stunning views of the valley and village below. after long days exploring the slopes...we'll grab bottles of bubbly and hit the hot tub daring one another to make snow angels in the virgin snow.

and after the hot tub....i'll do my best to rock my fuzzy boots and leg warmers.

..because why not???
 in verbier....anything goes

at the end of the week....
we'll decide that these trips must become a tradition
....and we'll start planning our next adventure....

kisses ~ mrs m


work it out wednesday: gimme gimme more

this morning i woke up in a complete dither

this morning i woke up with the overwhemling feeling that i have not bought enough.
not shopped enough. not spent enough.

this morning i woke up with an almost crushing need to buy.

then i made the mistake of turning on the tube….and there they were…
so jingling and bright.
forcing their way into my living room.
making me feel even worse.

“every kiss begins with kay”
because let’s face it men…you know where kisses lead and this will be very merryless, bootyless christmas if your woman don't get some bling.  (btw, does this ad creep anyone else out??)

"he went to jared"
…cuz if he went somewhere else…your friends will think he's cheap

and my personal favorite 

 cuz why not start em early

turning off the tv i sat down to browse my favorite blogs before work
…looking for inspiration.
looking for a reality check.
when it hit me…i was really just looking at….

more ads

ok, incredibly creative, arresting, alluring and semi-independent ads. pretty ads. easy on the eye ads that don't demand a lot from the soul.  but ads none-the-less.  ads for dresses and gifts, scarves and shoes and a particular $4000 ring that part of my brain screamed
“must have the precious” with a startling gollum-like intensity.

yes, this was me on gimme gimme christmas crack

see this year mr c and me decided we wanted to do christmas a bit differently. with almost 10% unemployment and 21% of children in the us living below the poverty line…we made a donation to an organization we believe in, decided to do a night out on the town in lue of gifts, give our time to others…and be deliberately grateful for the awesomeness of our new mr and mrs life.

so new age and cool right?
well i’d love to say we did that and i was content.
that i’m 100% on board with a christmas of less store bought gifts and much more togetherness.
news flash...
i am not that centered.
…but i am working on it.

image from the fabulous crushparty

the threatening thing about letting go of stuff is that it’s likely to lead to other changes….
it’s like pulling the thread on your favorite sweater…you just can’t help yourself even though you’re pretty sure you’re going to end up with….
the need for a whole new damn sweater.

*** btw, the above bit of soapbox luv is certainly not meant as a bust on blogs.
a blog-lands' very beauty lies in its' unique free-for-all-ness.
free for all purposes.  free for all thoughts.

if your real house doesn't look the way you wish it did...
wha-la..create one that does.
want to wear something shocking to your holiday party...
poof, now you can.
it's a place where we can imagine our loveliest world and write it into reality.
i get it
and i for one love that quality....

 but does some measure of responsibility come with such a magic wand?
for that matter, does christmas???

xoxo ~ m


bon vivant tuesday: shower me

ah tuesday….
tuesdays i try and dedicate to good living….things that add pleasure and depth to what i used to think of as ugly duckling day (tuesday is, after all, so unappreciated)
…well it was.... 
until i showered it with bon vivant status and glorious it became.

typically it’s a delectable drink or a new recipe to try, but today i give you this....
this gem.

hold in front of you as you would a glass of bubbly.
tilt it towards the light.
marvel at the color.
the effervescence.
then sip. taste. drink it into your soul.
feel it tickle your heart center as it glides down into your gut.
let it make you a bit tipsy with thought.
with potential.


by mary oliver

isn't it plain the sheets of moss,
except that they have no tongues,
could lecture all day... if they wanted
about spiritual patience?

isn't it clear
the black oaks along the path are standing
as though they were the most fragile of flowers?

every morning i walk like this around the pond, thinking:
if the doors of my heart ever close, 
i am as good as dead.

every morning, so far, i'm alive.
and now the crows break off from the rest of the darkness
and burst up into the sky
—as though all night they had thought of what they would like
their lives to be,
and imagined their strong, thick wings.

~ mrs m


whatever makes me happy monday: deck the heels....

 with shoes so festive

the "away in the manger" heel and bootie...

the "i saw momaa kissing santa clause" stiletto

the "it came upon a midnight clear" pump

the "we three kings" gold ankle boot

the "good christian men rejoice" duo

~ mrs m


thursdays child: hottie toddy...my imaginary christmas paaaarty

i invite you....
to the festive christmas fete in my mind 

the doorbell it rang,
and to it i went,
threw open the door
in my fabulous yves saint laurent

so thrilled i would be
as you walked in the hall,
"mr c, they are here!
cocktails for them all!!"

the music it'd play 
while we'd laugh and we'd "cheer"
so grateful i'd feel 
for the the coming new year 

for health and for family
for friends and for life
for this awesome new role
of lover and wife

at the end of the evening
we'd walk out in the snow knowing
my love you will feel
where ever you go.....

merry christmas
~ mrs m


relationship wednesday: if you can't be nice.....at least be naughty

sometimes we’re naughty and sometimes we’re nice….
and never is this more truthful than in marriage.

there are days i wake up and it’s all:
mrs m: “mr. c, you’re a total hot monster.”
mrs m: “lover pants, can i get you a coffee?”
mrs m: “darling, can I run you a shower?”
mrs m: "hon, what can i do to make your life just a little more
glorious on this amazing, sunshine filled day?”

other days….gerrrr, not quite so nice.

and it goes the other way as well.
some days mr. c is the most snuggly buggly thing in the whole wide world
other days…he’s a real pisser ;)

thankfully in our case, our nice’s grossly outweigh our naughties.

except our naughty naughties….they can outweigh anything, anytime.
so my wish for you this christmas is....
go ahead....get a little naughty...maybe even get on santas bad side....
because this year....
naughty is oh soooo nice.

ummmm ~ a naughty mrs m

hot, sexy artwork compliments of jamie over at her muy caliente blog


a lump in the throat

have you ever started thinking about something….i mean really mulling over some new idea or thought and once it finally takes root you find yourself at odd moments, rolling it around on your tongue like a chocolate or trying it on like a new pair of shoes, stealing glimpses of you and it, together, in the mirror….

all the while attempting to figure out where and if it fits into your life and how and where to learn more about it...

then wham

all of a sudden it’s like the universe hears you….
and the days become rich with fecund moments and signs?

suddenly everything seems to be nudging you in some new direction.
it's on a flyer you see by "mistake"
it comes up in a "random" conversation with a stranger
yesterday i heard it in a passage by robert frost. 
“a poem...begins as a lump in the throat, a sense of wrong, a homesickness, a lovesickness. it is a reaching-out toward expression; an effort to find fulfillment. a complete poem is one where an emotion finds the thought and the thought finds the words.”

and i thought to myself, “damn that frost guy is good.”

and then the fissure in my mind split a bit wider
and the little beam of light got a bit brighter….
and the lump in my throat….
got ever so slightly bigger.

and i got a little closer.

but sometimes closer just isn’t good enough. sometimes i want to be there already. i want the thoughts to have already found the words….

i want to live the poem.

and when i start to feel that way, when i start to get anxious and wonder if it will ever come to fruition, i have to tell myself shante (peace)
… i have to try to let go…..

"emotion finds the thought and the thought finds the words"
and the poem...is somewhere, somehow....just beyond the next mountain.

shante,shante a million times shante ~ mrs. m


far flung friday: ice ice baby

what’s 400,000 tons of snow and ice, has to be completely remade each year and is one of the chillest places you’ll ever visit?

hotel de glace...that's what

ice bar? check.
ice sleigh bed? check.
warm, fuzzy pelts of dead animals? check.
kick arse icy dance club with great tunes? check. check.
and quebec is just a short dog sled ride away.

maybe next year?

icy kisses ~ m


random bits: tis the season

glory december....welcome
i am sooooo thrilled to see again

a tune to get you in the mood....beautiful, achingly melancholy...one of my fav's

mistletoe kisses ~ mrs m