what made me happy monday: the crisp glory of it all

as summer winds down to a close....my monday ode (albeit...late) is a farewell to all things crisp, clean, summer fresh and ....white. 

killer white pumps &  short, sassy white dresses.... that as per the ole rule....will sadly hang unworn in the back of our boudoirs after this weekend

....until next summer.

architecture at its finest

these dresses & those confetti shoes


well not these...these are just too darling to ever put in the back of a closet.  these i would sport all year long....ummmm!

and this little ditty.....this weekend, go have one last summer adventure and make it a good one!!

xoxo~ mrs m


far flung friday....destination smile

10 years ago in chicago i fell for a spin instructor who’s positive energy, love spins had people lining up at 5:30 just a get a bike for a 6 am class. i’ve never had an instructor that good…until now. this morning my new favorite instructor had me spinning harder than i’ve ever spun and i was positively grinning through the pain. one ride she had us dedicate to someone we cherish and with each turn of the wheel we sent love and good intentions their way. come on, how can you quit when you’re spinning out love??

my entire body is thankful….my spirit even more so. what a way to start the day….

that said…todays far flung is destination smile….take a boat, take a plane…. take a bike…i don’t care how you get there…just smile

mr c and i are off to explore on this kick ass  pa day!!!
happy friday kids
 :) ~ mrs m


thursdays child: go on, drop a love bomb

i am excited, ebullient, thrilled and all around joyous about today’s post. read on…..

you know that running mantra that plays somewhere in the back of your mind that says, “make a difference", and you really do have the best intentions to go out and make a difference…but then life gets in the way and you wake up a month later and realize that in fact nothing you did in the last 30 days actually … “made a real difference”. well, meet nate, someone who has in fact changed the world AND on top of all that admiral goodness…. he's given us ways to change the world too.

with things like love bombs, love drops and thoughtful posts nate’s mission is ” changing the world by making a positive impact in the lives of the people around us.”

so today i dropped my first love bomb for a young girl, i've never met, halfway around the world. on its own, it was such a small thing…but i have a feeling,collectively… we made a difference.

bomb on friends- mrs m

with that moon language

"admit something:
everyone you see, you say to them, "love me".
of course you do not do this out loud; otherwise someone would call the cops.
still though, think about this, this great pull in us to connect.
why not become the one who lives with a full moon in each eye that is always saying,
with that sweet moon language,
what every other eye in the world is dying to hear."
~ Hafiz


relationship wednesday: moments

it’s been weeks since i wrote on a wednesday.

why you ask? because wednesdays are hard. i, in thinking about how to be a better mrs and holding myself to it, sublimely appointed wednesdays, “relationship day” so that i would be reminded once a week to give intentional thought to the state of my bond with not only mr c but with the people i cherish most…
and not just the fluffy, lovey bits and bonds but the grab your flashlight and dig around in the basement….knowing with absolute certainty you are going to find a spider (or something worse)… kind of moments too.

not surprisingly, the frosting covered, rainbow sprinkle bits; the giggles and the notes, the late night naked sprinkler runs and the talks.. are easy to write about…those are the ones that trip off my tongue and spill through my fingers like poetry…those are the days i look at my blog and think… “hey, look at me….i’m mrs m and i’ve pretty much got my shit together.”


it’s the tense moments, the raw times, the blues and the pouts, the days i slacked as a friend, a daughter, a neighbor, a wife (and sometimes all on the same day)…. it's those moments that have to be coaxed from my soul like water from a rock. those days i look at my blog and think, "f.  i have a long way to go".

we all want life to be rosy and bubbles in the sun, kind of glory filled.


and oh so thankfully, most of the time life is pretty darn.... bubbly.

but sometimes it’s not….and that’s ok.
ok, because that's just life and because even the most imperfect moments have elements of perfection.  it just depends on how you look at them.

so next time you step in dog shit on the way to work...think of the itty bitty pocket pooch you could easily punt into tomorrow that dropped a heater = its body weight, and reflect on how trixie is dearly loved by someone with their own needs and fears. then bite your tongue and be grateful...even if it's just that dog belongs to someone else, not you.

and next time your lover gives you a kiss as they walk out the door.  take a moment and breath that perfection in to your very soul.

this video is a collection of moments….good and bad, special and mundane.
moments that bond us all ....shared coast to coast....

Moments from Everynone on Vimeo.

humanity. life. pretty cool.
share on ~ mrs m

PS dear blogsies, what does a moment mean to you??


the great explor(er)

"The church says the Earth is flat, but I know that it is round, for I have seen the shadow on the moon and I have more faith in a shadow than in the church." ~ Ferdinand Magellan

nyc in the background
this past weekend mr c and i put down our paint brushes and drove a surprisingly short 1.45 to nyc where we met our friends anton and kendall for a weekend sail up the hudson on the 42’ blue mingo.

there truly is nothing like nyc. the constant barrage of noises and smells, the ethnicity's, the 60 yr old + german waitress at nicks with the army hat, purple flower stockings and heels who called us “my lovies” and refused to get me a coke refill because it seems nick has to charge for refills and she was sure i couldn’t possibly pay another .75 cents for more coke. this was pretty annoying seeing as i had been up since 1:30 am stupidvising the return of mingo in the middle of a rain storm, was soaking wet, 2 days un-showered and was still trying to rid friday nights hangover of epic proportions.....

no, i am not tipsy.  yes i will have another.
all i wanted was another coke. but nein!! no refill. in her defense, i probably looked like a dime store hooker with a dollar to my name (so evidently not a very good hooker) therefore in hindsight, her refill refusal was pretty thoughtful as she did save me a large part of my dollar and brought me a free water instead.

not as tipsy....but not too far behind either ;)
anywhoo…..back to nyc….as i was saying, nothing like it. the mass-concrete jungle of it all… 10 million very unique individuals crammed asses to elbows on an island 22.7 sq miles and purchased for the equivalent of $24 worth of beads and mirrors. contrast this pulsing energy and vast skyline with what you find when one sails a mere 10 miles north on the hudson river….craggy cliffs, miles of forest and…believe it or not… gently chirping cicadas....and one can't help but be amazed!

so i couldn’t help but think as we anchored….just what it was like in 1609 when ole henry made his famous sail. who was more fearful…the men on the ship who had no idea just who or what (think "lost" black vapor and non arctic polar bears) lay over those hills or the indians as they sat hiding among the trees looking down on one damn big vessel and the strange, pale, bearded, men they saw before them. and then i wondered at the primal thrill of discovering something so vast, mysterious and wild that all the bitty hairs on the back of your neck stand up and you are one big raw nerve of excitement. 

and then my thoughts spiraled to the pessimistic and i started feeling shameful for us humans.  it seems that once beauty is discovered our natural tendency is to destroy it all...ironically, under the guise of “discovery”.

purchase of manhattan
here in 2010, all the trade routes have been discovered, all the mountains scaled and most lands explored. rivers have been charted and ocean floors mapped. the stars have been named and elements understood….things have been boiled down, dissected, discussed and debated till it feels as if there is very little left out there to truly discover. perhaps that is why spirituality is so fascinating and self exploration so intense…in a world where most frontiers have been conquered….those are our new worlds. being a magellan of self and spirit can afford us an internal glimpse of that external adventure, a little of that fear, and a touch of that unfathomable grace that hudson and his fellow trail blazers were so very lucky to encounter around each and every corner...

thanks k & a

xoxo- mrs m


pa in da house

i am here
we are here
mr and mrs….together and independently….
have arrived.....
it seems like a lifetime since i last sat down to write for the pure joy and egocentric need of it. the last couple of weeks were a monotonous blur of pack, load, drive, unpack, clean, paint, drive, clean again, drive, clean, sniffle, paint repeat….repeat, repeat. one more week of that and you’d have probably seen me on the street 
terrorizing innocent fuzzy kittens…all filled with pre, middle and post move rage....

once again, art my my favorite http://hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com/

but…..here i sit...semi sane with all the hard stuff behind us and a freshly painted new, gingerbread abode…

and i am jump up and down, spin till I get dizzy, happy to get back to the ms part of my mrs.
yoga + meditation…oh my
cooking, the gym!! perhaps a class or two…rowing anyone? main line networking?
exploring galore

the ms and mrs activities are endless....
a blank slate...
a re-invention.......
a new chapter.....

hell…a whole new book.