thursdays child: get your reverence on

mr c introduced me to podcasts. mr c introduced me to npr, this american live and bill moyers. and the other day bill moyers introduced me to barry lopez, the man he chose to sing the journals swan song. all those years, all those guests…bill could have chosen anyone and he chose barry.  http://www.pbs.org/moyers/journal/04302010/profile.html

no slouch i imagined.

and he wasn’t. but what made him interesting weren't the things that make one interesting in a conventional sense. i mean he’s a photographer and explorer, writer and professor and a million other enviable things but it was his relationship with reverence that i found captivating and no doubt, so did bill.

“i am perfectly comfortable being in a state of ignorance before something incomprehensible. and it's in that moment that you're driven to your knees and you believe — i wouldn't call it religious. it's just what happens when you open up again to the extraordinary circumstances of being alive."

come on…you can’t not love that!! you can’t not want to be like that! (more double negatives coming ur way)…you can’t not yearn to be that free! to look at something and just revel in the glory. that’s it…just revel. how many times have we been exposed to the extraordinary only to pull out our microscopes and examine the thing to pieces? how many times have we pulled out our scalpel and dissected the beauty and soul right ot of the incomprehensible till it's reduced to a shineyless, boring, and totally comprehensible thing/person/event?




we break them down all the time and then wonder why we are such a sad, medicated and disillusioned bunch. so my "try something new today" thingie is to be childlike and look at the miraculous with fresh eyes....to be a barry lopez, to accept the glory, to revel in the love and to revere the unexplainable...why?  because there are countless, lovely and unexplainable things out there that are meant to stay that way.

mrs m

ps the next book on my list is a lopez recommendation Paul Woodruff's book, REVERENCE: RENEWING A FORGOTTEN VIRTUE just so i can get my reverence on

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