on and on and on

so let's see
my last post.....about idiots...


my posts however about pretty shoes, trips and music,
oh and things like throw pillows and
cool homes that most of us will never be able to afford

those people like.

so as to not alienate 95% of the people who chose to spend a few moments on my blog
...i know i should keep the pie hole shut.

to those i say, fare ye well and a sincere thanks for visiting.

perhaps i can pin some of the blame on steve jobs, no?
after all i have this handy dandy little device that follows me everywhere
...all the time
and has the ability to feed me such an obnoxious amount of news
it makes my head spin.

perhaps i should blame part of it on the politicians?
 after all it's in large part because of their bickering and finger pointing,
their spin-doctoring and their self preservation
that we have a fucked society of overly medicated, under employed individuals
protesting the sheer inequality and the unfairness of it all.

but i should probably just own it and blame it on the crack
because before the damn crack,
 i really wouldn't have cared this much.

before the crack
the fact that 50 exotic animals, many on the endangered list
and many of which were actually de-clawed and had in fact been hand fed since birth
who must have felt they hit redneck hunting pay dirt when they took to the woods
to "defend the citizens" armed with high powered rifles....
before the crack, this might not have
absolutely blown my mind with sadness.
before the crack
the fact that entire groups of people protest against
and make people feel bad for using birth control,
who have the nerve to tell them it blocks gods grace.
who then from the security of their own cushy homes tell people it's murder
...and yet remain conspicuously absent when it comes time for
 maybe before the crack
the self righteousness and arrogance of it all
wouldn't have made me see red.

before the crack
to the very residents whose drinking wells they tainted with methane....
that wouldn't have seemed so very wrong.

but it does.
 it really does.
at times it seems the crack has made much of the world feel
 overwhelmingly, depressingly, heart wrenchingly

thoughts on this:

if you want to shoot something ...fine, have at it....
but at least shoot your own foot or
don't casually put a bullet in something that makes you uncomfortable.

if you want to have 20 babies and can take care of them...god bless..get it on.
don't make others feel less for taking responsibility for their life and body.

if you make a mistake...clean it up.
don't go taking an big elephant sized dump one someone else
and expect to walk away scott free.

it seems pretty darn simple...
kind of golden rule-ish and shit right?

so happy friday....
go have fun and for goodness sake...
be nice and mind your own bees-nas.

and hey, wear some hot shoes while your at it.


wednesdays rant: idiots

i had the greatest of intentions.
really i did.
i sat down hoping that despite the news
some touchy ~ feely ~
life is beautiful ~granola crunchy prose
was going to salsa dance off my fingers and onto the screen.

as it turns out
my mind had other things...on it's mind. 




i mean....really people
must we go through this again?
and if we have to suffer birds drenched in gobs of oozy oil
and beaches slick with gunk
should the captain really be released on bail???

and what about all this greed?
for a significant chunk of the american population,
life is not getting better and hasn't been for a long time.
the economic crisis is even crushing the hopes of the younger generation.
astonishingly, people in their early twenties
face an unemployment rate similar to high-school dropouts.
and salaries...best to not even start ...

and it just keeps rolling downhill

i have been fighting to hang on to
any shread of sanity about your party.
i have listened to your debates.
i have been open minded.
i have even at times, defended you.
but it seems you are going to great lengths
to make it impossible for any rational person to find 
positive in your defense.

i mean first of all
there's palin and bachmann
no to the jobs bill?
no to soldiers who want to give their life for this country?
no to normal and reasonable taxes on millionaires?

and my personal favorite
rep. ritch workman (r) of fl who has decided that
the best use of his time is to not working with homeless
or helping create jobs in his community
but throwing his time, effort and resources into repealing

we definitely have an existential country wide
question on our hands....
it's time to figure out who do we want to be
what are we going to do about
all the idiots?

 and she's off
her soapbox that is
 ~ mrs m