bon vivant tuesday: or wednesday...opps a little late....infused

auf wiedersehen spring. hasta luego may. hellllooooo summer…hello margaritas and bikinis and languid, late night walks. hello, long days of sunlight, gauzy, barely there sun dresses and wearing my hair in kitschy braids. hello too much caffeine, a 4 hour car ride + me, a new iphone and video capabilities….hello slightly scary memorial road trip video 2010.

after a beautiful saturday sailing in deltaville, mr c and I headed to nc for his nephews high school graduation and a day of play with the 8 kiddos (no, not a typo).

and while i do not yet hear the tickiy tock sounds of any clocks …i love feeling free to act like a kid myself when i am around them…. yes, i am that "aunt". take them when they are good...hand them over when they crop dust in Kroger.  ahh, maturity… or smarts I suppose…depending on how one looks at it. anyhooo, i love to read bedtime stories, and have little ones yank my hair into brightly, rubber banded, off-center pony tails, i love the games and the different perspective of the world that 8 intelligent, blissfully innocent minds revel to me. i loved it when julie (4) put on her tiny hot pink goggles, smiled that cheeky, princess smile and wanted to swim to me and back to the steps about 3,167 times. she’d stand there, take a deep gulp of air and jump, kicking towards my outstretched hands, trusting me to pull her to safety and give her oodles of hugs and praise. as wonderfully different as all 8 kids are…there was one distinct commonality surrounding this particular visit ….they were all infused with the impending freedom of summer. from 8 to 18 …they all had that glow that comes with knowing you have 3 long, delicious, carefree, barefoot, tree-climbing, popsicle licking, camp filled months ahead to do……whatever you’re little heart desires.

and this will be me this summer.....

being a grown up sucks

but tonight while all the kiddos out there have cold wennies and beans for the third time this week, infused with joy and glory summer plans....i'll have a margarita for dinner. just because i can. a chili infused margarita.  ha! take that!

so for those who have no idea where to find chili infused tequila, some tequila brands offer one, but anyone can do that...i recommend infusing your own. simple version involves cutting up 2 dried habanero peppers, (don’t chop too small or you’ll have people drinking minced chili ), and putting them into the tequila bottle. allow 1-2 days for the chili to infuse the tequila. when your tequila is properly infused:
• shot of tequila
• shot triple sec or cointreau
• juice of 2 limes
• sugar (to taste)
garnish with a red chili for effect, sit back, enjoy and be glad that even though you don’t get summer break…you also don’t have to deal with the zits and drama that come along with it.

summer kisses- mrs m

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