work it out wednesday: mi casa es mi casa

what do you do when your decorating style differs from that of your spouse? what happens when you love knick-knacks and your spouse is more of a minimalist? what happens when he wants to bring in his treasured diego rivera print and it just doesn’t compliment your lovely grace kelly taittinger? what happens to all those picture frames, pillows, really cute cocktail glasses and art from your travels, the little rocks carved with words like “hugs” and the tiny jade buddha you got from your grandmother?? what about all those meaningful things???? i mean….should it come down to a good defense…i can actually defend each and every trinket with a very good story! that cute silver piggy bank that says “shoe fund”…taught me the important financial lesson of saving. the antique dollies on the dresser came from my old neighbor who was kind-o like my surrogate granny! what happens to my 33 years of ms memorabilia collection damn it??

i like to think i am an open person. i like to think i can compromise (especially when it comes to someone I love as much as mr c). and i’d really like to think i am the kind of wife who can easily take “stuff” down in order to make the house feel more like “ours” instead of “mine”.

evidently when it comes to décor,  i'm not that kind of person.

exhibit a) the other day mr c and i had a bit of a discussion over the décor and it went something like this:
mr c: “ sweetie, if we could just get rid of a few of those shadowboxes with ticket stubs from concerts you went to with god knows who, god knows where….i’d really feel like this were more my home too”.
mrs m: “no f-ing way sucka. you’re locked in now and the knick-knacks stay.”

you can guess where it went from there. bad wifey.

so, to my followers who might actually read this blog or might have said they do just to make me feel good. as you are my witnesses…i promise to com…compro…cough, cough… i promise to compromise and remove excessively girlie knick-knacks ( tiny stakes were just driven under my nails). because although i might not have shown it with the last discussion....mr c does in fact mean more to me than say, pillows and picture frames…and while i might be slow to change, i do want it to be our place...after all, mi casa es mr c casa...

bye-bye buddha.
that is how much I love you mr c

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Lisa Rini said...

Love your Blog, Mel.!! Look foward to following.. My Chris and I will be married 9 years this October. Hard to believe..Welcome to married life..Haha..I know what you mean about having your stuff up in your house...Been there as well. :)