you may say i'm a dreamer....

but i'm not the only one.

when pure, wild, unadulterated fantasy 
tappity- tap-tapped upon your door this morning...
you let her in....right?


what's that you say?
you spent the day
spinning laughter and raindrops 
into peony colored moss
which you dripped, like spun sugar
from the branches 
on the way into town
just because ...?

 i daresay,
 i like the way you think.

and then you ran barefoot to the pier
thrust your toes into the waiting surf
put sea shells in your hair
and watched for mermaids?

ummm, that one....
she is a naughty thing.

lunch in the garden?

the wise old owls...
did they whisper their secrets?
did they tell you of courage and honor
and the secret ways to befriend dragons?

lazy circles in the sky?

grand ideas have a way of blooming
during flight....

and when she left...
....you remembered
what it feels like to dream?

then don't forget
cuz you're

xoxo~ m


all true souls are wild and free



a great thank you 
to all who have fought battles
both big and small 
for each and every one of our liberties....
oxox ~ mrs m

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