bye bye birdie

i sat down on january 2 and ended my post with a wish and a hope that 
2012 would bring us a little mr and mrs c.

i awoke on the 3rd and magically, my wish had been granted.

january 13 you left as silently and as quickly as you came.

i might have only known you for 10 days but that didn't diminish the fact that
....i had fallen in love.

today we release you lil sprout 
and send you off with blessings of peace

and thanks for your short time with us.
~ your mom 


bring it

is totally going to kick ass
i can just feel it 

first of all it started out with a bang!
a night of riotous laughter,
fabulous friends,
decadent food, delicious drinks 
and a dance party that didn't die until long after the roaring fire 
had gobbled up wisps of paper scribbled with the wants, wishes and desires 
of 10 lovers of life for the new year. 

but today, 
with the last remnants of the 2011 swept neatly into piles and out the door
i am slowly waking from a contemplative state of of anamnesis 
and am focused on tomorrow.

for the next 363 days i will strive to.....
cultivate my own inner adytum

i will choose to 

i will set my intentions each evening and remember that

i will acknowledge that only i can control how i feel and that while

 i will engage the people and the places around me and know that

i will passionately 

i will find new ways to play and laugh and love and grow with mr c
and i will revel in our third year of marriage

 i will look forward to the day when our new nest is ready to call home

and i will keep fingers and toes crossed that one day in the not too distant future 
we'll be able to fill those empty rooms with love and little

an ambitious list of wants, no doubt,
but i really do think this is going to be
the best year yet.

xoxo ~ mrs & ms m