evil is as evil does

i am glad we got him.
he committed a litany of atrocious acts
and without a doubt he should be held accountable
to the individuals, families, nations and to a greater power….
for pain and destruction inflicted.

but I have to wonder about a nation that rallys in the streets chanting,
“we got the motherfucker”.
i think kristen beritweiser, who lost her husband in 9/11,
explains it quite well in her

we got him…
but as they say in business, the opportunity cost was high.
not only did we lose many additional lives in the process,
we gave up countless other humanitarian and civic efforts
by deploying already scarce funds towards the capture of one man.

last night mr c and i watched “waiting for superman”
and i couldn’t help but marvel at how much good we could have done,
how many lives we could have changed
and how much hope we could have spread
with the billions of dollars we’ve used over the last 10 years.
i understand the need to protect this great nation….
but unless we focus on good not evil, on the people inside our own borders not the ones beyond
….i can’t shake the feeling that in the not to distant future,
there might not be a whole lot of “great” to protect.

~ m

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sweetbittertart said...

Well said M. And the Huffington Post piece was really moving as well.