bon vivant tues: the art of the steal


i just finished reading a lovely, little (ha!) book called,
swan thief's...
and since the turn of the last page,
have found myself looking more closely at art. 
wondering, like most....
what really separates the good from the great
and pondering the lives of long gone artists
who's paint stained hands, labored over canvases
...night after feverish night. 

surely a trip to the louvre or the musee d'orsay...was in order?? 
but paris?? 
non, ne se produira pas à ce moment.
even new york seemed out of the question...

but do you know where some of the worlds greatest
(and i definitely mean greatest)
collections of cezanne's, matisee and picassos are housed?

a mere 2 miles from where i sit...
and mr c and i have a reservation next weekend. 

this is indeed,
one of the most compelling and jaw dropping stories i have heard in a long time...
but be warned.....it does not have a happy ending.

in a world where one would hope that at the very least...
the true lovers and supports of art, would have integrity,
you will find that everything....has a political price.

dear mr barnes, i am truly sorry...
~ mrs m


Simply Mel said...

yep, this story broke my heart. It's a sad world we live in when a man's only wish (and final legal request) cannot be granted.

I do hope you share your visit with us...

Anonymous said...

wow...so unbelievable I really want to see that movie now!