bon vivant tuesday: come dine with me

if..our house weren’t in complete and utter disarray, due to the impending move….and everything from our measuring cups and cutting boards, to our wine glasses and spices weren’t tucked away in little boxes made out of ticky-tacky…..this is what i would cook for bon vivant tues….

tomatoes stuffed with fresh mozzarella and basil....i am looooving the shot of basil vinaigrette that goes along with it, so cute (yes, food can be cute) and yummmmmy

 and how delectable paired with a single, mini zucchini pancakes with basil chive cream

following that would be grilled lamb and fig skewers with mint-pepper glaze and grilled eggplant.  i think those flavors would be such a nice accompaniment to the above.....

and perhaps my favorite part of my imaginary dinner....white peach, cassis, and champagne floats....adult floats....yipeeeeee 

and this is where we would dine….

can’t you just feel the sunshine
summer luv- mrs m

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