work it out wednesday: crazy new @#!*

i moved 8 times as a ms. not as much as mr c has moved but certainly more than a lot of people i know. but i liked to move.…kind of how i like the instant when you are sitting on a plane, on your way to some cool new destination of your choosing and you feel the wheels depart solid ground as your plane soars off towards untold adventures. i love that instant. i loved that instant more before a pilot i was sitting next to told me that is also the most dangerous moment of any flight.   quite fitting.  but i digress.

let’s just call those "good change tummy butterflies". now i stand poised on the precipice of my 9th move…this time as a mrs. but this time, the butterflies are more manic hamsters chasing rings around my stomach on their way up my esophagus whereupon they will fly out my mouth and explode into a million little mini hamster chunks....

what the hell is going on...
i used to embrace all change.  now....manic hamsters...???

 well..... first and perhaps most obvious…it’s philly.
                              enough said?? 

ok, not actually philly….glorious, main line, rosemont but still….philly-esque. and i can’t help it but just the abbreviation "philly" brings to mind images of some hair pie man in jorts, gold chain, a little cheese steak wiz remnants on the corner of his stash, black tennis shoes with no socks and an eagles t-shirt with the arms cut off.  oh and a fanny pack. phillies never leave home without their trusted fanny packs (see?  see the guy in the bottom right...that is cheese steak man!!). at least in the winter they are covered up...but then they still get to carry signs, like the one above. arg.

so wrong and judgemental!!   i am terrible and yes i know payback is a bitch and cheese streak man will likely be our neighbor now...or hell, better yet, our landlord... but there it is. 

sometimes, when the winds of change begin to rustle, we're not certain the change is for the better.

good news is...today helped.  today i went from contemplation to preparation. positive forward change steps. it's official....we signed a lease. 

cutest little house in philly/rosemont...hell cutest lil house in all pa.

ok all snarkiness aside.....truth be told, now that i know we have a place to live,  i've started to mentally move in and get a little pumped.  just mr c and i.  new towns to explore, an adorable 125 year old gingerbread, doll house-house to fix up, a place for our fish and como, music, restaurants....you know cool stuff.

and when isn't change good??

shhhhh don't tell but....here come the p-schmidts and.....i think we might just like it.


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