thursdays child: some like it hot. some just dance naked

it has been hot here in ole va. really hot. stick to the seat of your car leaving bits of your epidermis on the seat kind of hot.  pack ice cubes in your bra kind of hot. so hot that the other night mr c and i stripped down and ran buck naked, giggling through the sprinkler. mr c’s white booty doing the shake, shake and glowing in the moonlight probably did our little korean neighbor in, but hey when it’s 103 degrees you gotta do whatcha gotta do.

to top it off, we haven’t had rain in over a month. 

so today’s post is a virtual rain dance to the universe....

bring us big fluffy clouds, rain and light breezes.....

until then, be cool....
kisses mrs m

ps.  the cutest pic my mom took of byrd, mesmerized by a blog…. all about byrd. so female, we should have realized she was a girl then!

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