a note from the kitty afterlife

after a rough time of it....picture mr c and me, snot billowing from my nose as i hickup and cry as como is put to sleep ( the vet didn't even charge us...ummm could it have been because i scared him)...i drag my sad self to the office to see this email in my inbox.  a note from the kitty afterlife....

From: ComoNator Pelouze [mailto:comonator@gmail.com]
Sent: Thursday, July 15, 2010 12:28 PM
To: Schmidt, Melanie
Subject: Dear Mommy-Mel

Dear wonderful Mommy-Mel,

I've spend all these years in relative silence with you and so now is a great time, I feel, to finally share some thoughts in your language. Though I know you could sense my emotions through my varied meows, I wanted to try, at least try, to tell you how much I've appreciated you and how much you have meant to me. First, please know that you did the right thing today. I was struggling the past few weeks, feeling really sick and all around yucky... I know you could see that... and with the diagnosis, we had no other choice. Thanks for treating me so humanely today and all the days in the past. You are an amazing and strong Mommy. It was hard for you to lose me (I could see that), and it was hard for me to lose you; but the right decision, is the right decision. I feel much better now.

You've given me a GLORIOUS existence Mommy-Mel!! The days with Teigan in each of the places we all lived were so much fun but it was also really special to be able to spend time alone with you and that new guy... what's his name? It was nice of you to bring him in here to give me someone to hang with during the day but he's a little tense about me walking on his precious computer; you'll have to keep working on him with that as I could only get so far. Getting all the love this year has been LOT's of fun for me and man, I really learned how to stake my claim on my domain in the backyard. I don't want to toot my own horn here, but 'toot-toot'... I owned that place like no other feline ever will. What a wonderful play-land you provided for me! I know I did my share of "creepin" in some likely unwanted situations (you really like that guy don't you!), I had to do some 'pukin' to remind you who your number one man was, and I don't know how you expected me not to eat/ knock over/ scratch myself against all those pretty flowers you set up... but I'm sorry for that... had to keep you on your toes!

Of course, there is plenty that I'll miss: hearing your car pull up and coming to get my afternoon cuddle; cruising around the counter-tops while you two cook; finishing off your cereal bowls; getting that extra little scoop of food from you guys in the evening (sometimes I'd even get two when you guys would sneak it to me!!); that guy trying to teach me to puke in the toilet (what a fool!); weekends in the yard; movies on the couch getting double rubs; my Christmas presents; waking your ass up in the morning to get to they gym; head bumps; you checking out my junk; your gentle finger nail clipping; and, watching that guy clean out my litter box (hysterical!).

"Meow Mommy-Mel"... you hugged and loved me SO MUCH; what more could the little Como-nator ask for!!!! (yup, I'm allowed 3rd person references now). You know what those annoying people say in times like these... 'The only thing constant is change'... well, it's true and we're on to new glorious adventures! But, we'll always be a part of one another.

Much love, kisses, and fur balls,


....do i know how to pick my boys or what???

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