relationship wednesday: bonds that tie

sometimes one just needs to say....

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yesterday was my mom’s b-day and we did something we haven’t done in way too long….we said f to moderation. we met up for what was supposed to be just a quick bite but we ended up wandering into a fresh, new bistro on cary called amour wine bar http://www.amourwinebistro.com/ …and for a couple of hours were whisked away from the stresses of the moment and pretended to our great delight....we were lunching on the rive gauche. the owner, from the rhone area of france was enchanting and knowledgeable and the menu was alight with his culinary highlight of the week…cherries. ummmm cherry salsa with the lamb, a cherry, sage and blueberry reduction over the trout, a gruyere puff pastry and a trio of flavorful sorbets all paired with lovely wines and a kir royal for the birthday girl and me. there is something truly decedent about a glass or two of bubbly in the afternoon and of course.... a french man taking care of you doesn't hurt one bit. it was just what the dr ordered and the carefree afternoon continued with a twilight matinee with mom’s bffs susanne and linda.  it was followed by more bubbles and delicious appetizers compliments of my dad and chocolate lime cupcakes served up on the most delightful platter from linda. to top it off chris, papa p and i took mom out for a tapas and the night ended in some heartfelt belly laughs and giggles.

so todays relationship wednesday is about the importance of girl bonds. bonds with our mothers and bonds with our friends….bonds that can right the world when it has begun to spin just a little out of control….

and to every once in a while....saying f- to moderation.
s.w.a.c.k. ~ mrs m

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Paul said...

Wonderful, magnifique!
Amour Wine Bistro thank you for your visit and is proud to be a part of that fantastic day.
Happy Birthday to your Maman and see you soon again