thursdays child....setting sail

studying for a mid-term
trying out as many new bikram/yoga/rock your ass classes as i can pack into 24
(compliments of fun, awesome, new, second job mentioned above)
and setting my 1 - 3 and 5 year goals
has turned me into a v. v. v. naughty blogger....

via souled

and i have to say....
i've missed it.
i unapologetically derive great joy in this bloggin thing
so when i go a week without the creative outlet,
without finding my voice
without articulating my souls quest to
find beauty....
spread love...
think positive...
dream big....
sweat and grow
i get a little hole right here in my heart center.

lulu luv bug

on the other hand....i have gotten aaaaaaaa hell ofa lot done!!

but out of all the things i have packed into this last week
setting the aforementioned goals has been one of the most therapeutic.

da lovely crush p

i recently heard that
moving through life without measurable, clearly defined goals
is like trying to sail a boat, god knows where....
 without a rudder.

tru dat.

well peeps,
the sun's a shining and it looks like a glorious day for a sail...
xoxo ~ mrs m

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