our party space between

sometime next week you’ll walk to your mailbox thinking that
today is just like any other day
…but you’ll be wrong.

inside a gossamer envelope awaits.
light and airy and of the palest silver, it rests in your hands like a promise.
you smile as you slide your thumb down the crease,
“a party?”, you breath....
and then a hundred confetti stars twinkle to the ground.
the script is jaunty, the wording melodic, the message clear
….you are invited…..

you gasp and pick up the phone,
“i need two tickets to mrs m’s. yes please, right away”.

all true hostesses, at least the ones that make history,
know that the secret ingredient to the most seductive soirees and the most fabulous fetes,
 is neither the delectable dishes nor the effervescent cocktails
(although no doubt, those will be outstanding)
it's….the guest list.

you’ll look down the invitees and smile…
this is going to be one hell of a party.

at last the day arrives, shiny and bright.
the sky a brilliant baby blue,
the breeze fresh and tinged faintly with the scent of ocean.
you in that outfit…
the one from your blog,
the one that makes you feel
…that way.

and suddenly you’re there
and even though you’ve seen photos of 
nothing can prepare you for how fabulous it truly is.
by the end of the night you agree
it is the perfect space between…
between the real world and make believe.
and you leave with souleds card ,
giddy in the knowledge that you’re perfect place in the world
is imminent also.

and then they start arriving as you knew they would...

with laughter and panache,
in a wave of vibrant colors and spiky heels….

there’s reverie…whose artisan shop you adore and who rains down wisdom nuggets, like acorns.

and crush party….how does she do it? post after beautiful post….
and to top it off she brought the most swoon worthy party favors she made herself…
and her talented daughter pretty stuff, who we immediately adore.

there’s centered aurajoon and hilarious petunia face…. both glowing and preggers and
wide open spaces who of course spends quality time talking to everyone.

bottles of bubbly come and go
and mackink, who always knows just what to say and how to say it,
gives souled a huge hug when she announces that

“yeah”, we all cheer ….as goodnight irene turns up the tunes
 and gets us dancing like only she can.

….and just when we think it couldn't possibly get any better….
they arrive….

amazing men to go with these amazing women...

hunkies and brians, the uncle sugars and mr c’s
even souleds new hottie...
 who just can't get over his luck.

and neither can we....
cuz for a group of women who've never actually met....
we sure know how to party....
xo ~mrs m


Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

oh I'm just giddy thinking about this party, and you know what, something tells me it will happen one day (for real)!

okay, need to read it again and again because I absolutely adore every. single. guest you included!

karey m. said...

adorable. adorable. adorable.

i'll be back to read this one again, you sweet little thing!


JAMIE said...

I have never, ever received such a wonderful, heartfelt response to my Realtor posts! You paid me back for my fairy tale with one even lovelier. For that, I thank you so much. I love getting lost in words...and yours were a delicious maze! I could stay here all day. I just could. XXX.

Champagne/CrushParty/StitchPoet said...

OMG! This is so amazingly clever and I am honored over the moon to be included on "the short list." Especially since all I really do is gather what's already out there and post. You girls, on the other hand, are so damn original. Jamie and her house pairings are so keenly selected! Jamie, I have yet to show you how on target you were, but it is certainly on my to-do list. However...this post just bumped it down a smidge! Looks like I've got some party favors to make and I'm TOTALLY DOING THIS because, while I'm not the most clever log on the fire, I can make some kinda cute stuff...So! Y'all email me your postal addresses and before long you'll get a surprise in your mailbox. {PrettyStuff, you don't count...you've prolly got all the "me" in your apartment you can stand!} I haven't decided what it will be, but I'm thinking...I do hope to meet you guys one day. It's on my bucket list...plan a blog-friend getaway! MUAH!

Champagne/CrushParty/StitchPoet said...

Pssst...mrs m, help me make them send their addresses!

goodniteirene.wordpress.com said...

aaaahh!! fashion week: pfft. oscars? old hat.
THIS is the party to attend.
oh my goodness what ever shall i wear?!?!
it's four in the morning and i kept yelping happy eeps with each read of the guests....i've only met mcdreamy (and the name fits like a glove ladies)...but BRIAN and UNCLE SUGAR too!?!?
so fun!
i'll have to work on my jitterbug. i may talk a mean game. i'm good for dance parties with the beasts, but in all honesty parties turn me into corner-loving, tight-lipped, shy katie.
i might have to make an exception here.

the space between said...

ladies- i am still hungover from all the fun comments. ya'll rocked my blog world....thanks a bunch!

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