take it to the goal....

i've been thinking about goals a lot lately. 

i've been doing a little reading,
i've been doing a little research
and what i've learned thus far is that....
setting detailed, positive, measurable goals
is the single most important thing you can do to start changing your life.

once you've crystallized those goals
you need to write them down
and you need to share them with people who
support your growth
and will hold you accountable
(aha,um, that would be you).

and then you need to...

so for the next couple of tuesdays....
 i'm starting a goal revolution...

if you're interested, join me

together let's shake some
kick-ass, mind blowing, grandiose, radical  
dreams out of our hair
and let's start now.

if you're in,
shoot me a quick note and i'll share a little goals template witcha.

go get em ~ mrs m 

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Liz said...

New to your blog and absolutely loving it!!!