shortly into our relationship,
mr c took me for a weekends sailing excursion on the chesapeake bay. 
i had never been so excited for a trip.  

and so it was
that with a heart full of joy, a stomach full of beautiful butterflies
and a bag of treats from whole foods,
we set sail on a voyage from which we have yet to return.  

we knew we were falling
but that weekend we tumbled off the edge completely.

that weekend we felt as if the gods,
the universe and all the romantic poets from across the ages
had come together to hang the sun, moon and stars for us alone.

it was perfect
from amazing skies and breathtaking sunsets
to shooting starts and heavenly cloud formations...
to perfect moments strung together one after another like little gems.  
from chilly dips in the bay to cozy moments in the cabin,
from washing my hair to watching him sail,
from cooking dinner to baking scones,
from reading poetry to not needing to read anything else,
from the laughs to the non-stop smiles,
from wondering to believing,
from heartfelt conversations
 to i love yous….

it was a weekend that changed two lives.

fairy tale wishes and v-day love to all
~ mrs m

ok, so the reading above is a weeeeee bit dramatic ;)
but the poem itself was incorporated into our wedding, really is lovely
 and means a great deal to us
as mrs and mr.


Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

a beautiful love story...and you know what i love the most, is the incredible kiss you two are sharing in the wedding photo! It's real ~ you can just tell. So many times, the kiss photos seem so staged, but you have your arms around the man of your dreams and how you just melt into each other is magical ~ happy valentine's day!

MS-109 said...
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CDS said...

Mrs. M. You continue to astound. You breathe new life into me during every moment together. I remain bewildered as to whether I'll ever fully deserve your magnificent sparkle and your radiant beauty but there is no doubt that I exist in awe of it and will forever cherish it. You were that weekend on the water, you were on 3.26.10, and you were this morning... an "unfathomable grace."
Your breath wasn't quite as "fragrant as the morning breeze" this morning though :)
Love you,

JAMIE said...

This is a delicious tale! Love it! I'm a big fan of journeys that never end. Thank you so much for playing along...

sweetbittertart said...

This is just lovely. Thank you for sharing your beautiful story. Love CDS comment almost as much as post. So sweet. : )