relationships are easy....................................... ha, i got ya didn't i?

yesterday i slugged through snow, ice and freezing rain to make it
to a new yoga class called radiant flow.
because with the deluge of crappy weather and dull skies, radiance sounded awesome.
radiance in fact, sounded necessary.

"give me some m f-ing, g.d. radiance right now!!!!"
sigh, m needed some zen for snizzle.

as if she knew everyone in class was affected by the winter blah’s,
the instructor began class by talking about the importance of winter
as a time of intense personal hibernation which could,
if we let it, foster introspection.
in other words, the darker it is outside, the brighter our inner light needs to shine.

and then she said,
“ think about what or whom you would like to dedicate your practice to….
and if by chance your own house is not in order,
take this time to work on yourselves
so that you will be ready to help others at a later date.”


think about my own house?
shouldn’t i be dedicating myself and my practice to more grandiose efforts
like global peace and divine love?
nope, seems the yogis and the smart “relationship people" out there, are in collusion.
it seems like working on yourself…can have a profound effect on a number of important areas;
namely your relationship with your spouse, your parents, your kids, youself and
even the world at large.
we can accomplish this by slowing down and focusing on our
ms not our mrs...wants and desires.

for me, the whole purpose of yoga... is growth.
the whole purpose of this blog... was also growth.
and while i have become a firm believe that growth opportunities can be found anywhere,
at any moment of the day….
there is also no greater opportunity to get your growth on…
than marriage.

interestingly enough…
it seems that by growing up as an individual, your marriage can grow too.
if you don’t believe me…take it from an expert.
now that, really is radiant!!!
xoxo ~ ms m

ps in case you want a little more, check out corey allen's marriage manifesto
it's some good shit.


Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

Totally agree! We should never forget the reason we married our beloveds in the first place, and it is so important to continue to grow TOGETHER!

Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

Thanks for stopping by Reverie. My husband and I designed the blog layout...it's a work in progress.

Have a wonderful weekend!

goodniteirene.wordpress.com said...

radiant indeed!!
hunky hubby is still rocking my socks off like the day i met him.
leave it the wonder goddess jamie flannigan to lead me somewhere beautiful and bright this morning....
so glad to find such beautiful words and pretty pics.