3 - 2 - 1.....

do you remember a moment (getting your diploma, landing your first job, conquering an old fear), when you were filled with such a sense of wonder at your own limitless potential that it literally had you floating just above the ground?

tethered to reality with the barest wisp of a doubt you struck out on the adventure called your life.
and you did things….
moved to new cities
tried new foods
made friends with strangers.
you traveled, danced, kissed, put yourself out there.

and you did it all because there it was...burning inside your chest…undeniable.

the feeling that you could light the world on fire…

and then you had your heart broken, got sucked into a job you didn’t like, parted ways with friends you thought you’d always have and one day you thought...


thank the good universe for new year’s.

they are every woman’s equivalent of a catholic’s confessional induced clean slate.

i am completely dithyrambic about new beginnings. that is why i love january 1st. each year we wind up december as beaten down versions of our previous january selves… but no matter how many mistakes we made…each new year we have the unbelievably gracious opportunity to…try and make it “right” again.  each day we can work harder, give boldly, love more, judge less, laugh louder, hug harder, act sillier, and do more of those thing we yearn to do.
we can cultivate that feeling of limitless potential and we can live it.

mr c and i said a fond goodbye to 2010 with a new years eve yoga class and loads of champagne.
just the two of us
mr + mrs
and it was amazing.
there are many things about 2010 that i will take with me and cherish, our wedding being one of them…but in the first hours of 2011, i find myself once again looking forward and filled with excitement at being able to create a new path for my mrs and ms selves

 a few of my thoughts for the new year.....

  • speak my mind more in the office and after 2 years of hard work....finally launch our fund!
  • yoga + meditate - "the reason we enter into meditation is because we have an inner hunger.  we feel that within us there is something luminous, something vast, something divine." ~ sri chinmoy
  • be deliberate in thoughts and action
  • eat more fruits and veggies and much less meat!
  • cultivate new friends and stay close to old ones
  • take a class just because i'm interested in the subject
  • read finish books
  • spread love
  • work on being the best wife i can be
  • get involved
  • and start thinking about ......

happy new year...the best really is yet to come!
~ mrs m

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Champagne/CrushParty/StitchPoet said...

Doll, how come it sounds so much better over here!? That's what I meant to say...beautiful! xov(kisshugstitch)