thursdays child: in living color

these days the world is so rich and vibrant with color, it’s almost blinding.

a kaleidoscope of cerises and buffs, papaya whips and lemon chiffons, moccasins and salmons, sorbets, cornflowers , cayennes, limes and plums….even nate berkus blues

neon mac covers, and blinged out iphone skins, blinking lights, electric billboards, color tvs and computer screens….

grey days depress and black and white movies are passé.
love is red, sadness is blue.
even envy has a color, she's green.

have we as a society been so over stimulated that we can only register emotion when it’s in living color?
by doing so, do we somehow miss the forest for the trees?

after the bold, brilliant reds of passion fade....
are the soft hued ambers that smolder, any less earth shattering and powerful?

what if we were to rest temporarily in the mansuetude of the colorless….and really looked at who and what was around us? would we find the world boring and bleak or more colorful then we ever imagined?

i dare you to watch this and reconsider....
xoxo your true companion
~ m

ps the above tear jerker was gratefully pulled from colorful, mackin ink
check her out....

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