far flung fri: blackberry fields forever

if mr c and i were to splurge on an over the top, luxurious US based vacay…blackberry farm would certainly make it to the best and final.

once we’d checked into our cozy cottage suite, mr c would grab my mitten-ed hand and we’d stroll around the grounds checking out the orchards and gardens and marveling at the feel of being transported back to a more simple time.

pink cheeked and hungry, we’d wander by the kitchen and find to our delight, that we were just in time for a cheese tasting, paired with local jams and preserves…all natural of course.

from there the weekend would be full of amazing cuisine, fly fishing, yoga, hikes and cuddles by the fire.
and what glory get-away, weekend would be complete without the sharp trill of the horn calling all gentleman and ladies to their  trusty steads...

a fox hunt is, after all, so very southern ya'll.....

we'd leave satiated and refreshed,
promising the owners we'd be back again soon,
and we'd mean it....

happy weekend.

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