thursdays child: growing is forever

snowfall brings with it, such a profound sense of peace.
the world slows down and the land, blanketed in silence
…is still at last.
snowflakes grace the tippy tops of trees, making glittering,
green and silver evening gowns
out of the frosty white branches.
it is as if the world sighs and smiles,
telling us just to....

last night, mr c and i took a midnight walk
through the streets of our neighborhood
and felt like we had stepped through the looking glass
and on to the set of some fantastical movie.
with fluffy snow up to our kneecaps,
the main streets yet to be plowed
and blinking, yellow stop lights reflecting the darkness…
we were the only people in the world.
looking up into street lights, snowflakes rained down upon our upturned faces
like a billion little stars…..

it seemed like angels were everywhere.

today the snow blower whirls outside my window,
the news recalls tails of weather induced woes
and the snow is turning grey around the edges.

the race has begun afresh…
the snow now, more an annoyance than a wonder.

but for a few short hours we lived in natures perfect bubble,
soft and silent, grace-filled and grateful….

last night's reverence reminded me of another forest and the voice of the world within…

Growing is Forever from Jesse Rosten on Vimeo.

happy snow day!
~mrs m

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