whatever makes me happy monday: shoes. today…these shoes make me happy

kick arse shoes above from coco and kelly

now I realize my monday statement is neither profound nor altruistic. not like starting off the week with something soul-solid like say….today serving up food to the homeless would make me happy. or… nothing makes me happier than holding crack babies…..

sorry. today it’s shoes.

why…because i spent the weekend feeling like a fat little stuffed tick and i need a fix.  because these shoes do not know nor do they care that i spent the weekend feeling something akin to the blob. these shoes just scream you are one sexy biaaaaatch.  yep… to you men out there, that is the power of a hot shoe. that statement might frighten you. that statement might baffle you…but if it’s that kind-o shoe and it makes your woman feel yummy…i think you might just start to understand…..

this little shoe went to market

this little shoe stayed home (naughty shoe)

this little shoe went dancing

then all the sexy shoes went wee-wee-wee back to their cool cabinet home.

 feelin it - m


Lady B said...

I second this story of piggy domeciles on stilts! No matter how much bunching or clutching your skirt or pants can give to your burgeoning behind, telling you that you have broken your healthy eating promises yet again (sigh), nothing says, "I am sexy and ready to rock the world" better than a great pair of spikes. I stand taller in them, my hips sway just a little more provocatively, and I love the way they can make a simple stride on the sidewalk like an urban runway (envisioning best Zoolander "Blue Steel" pose) This is probably why I have over a 100 pairs of shoes and all reaching to higher altitudes than the last. As I always say, if they made tennis shoes with heals, I would wear those too! Flats are for the faint of heart, and I'd rather go forth fearlessly! (even if it's with an assortment of bandaids)

luvthemaggie said...

may not wear the heels like I use to but love this cabinet idea---will keep an eye out for this...one for you and one for me :)