thursdays child has far to go: well maybe not all that far

when does one actually become an adult? does the arrival of aunty flow hearken adulthood? your sweet 16? drivers permit? college acceptance? post 21st b-day hangover? first job? first apartment? first solo transatlantic flight. first big f-up your parents didn’t bail you out of? breakups? car payments? how about the transition from ms to mrs??

christians think this magical transformation happens when a child is "old enough to understand the moral consequences of his or her actions and can be held accountable for sins". but dear blogzies, i did a little research and the age of this miraculous transformation is serious fodder for debate. in their infinite wisdom catholics say the magic happens at 7. christians, oh around 12. mrs m thinks... solidly in the mid 30 range for the entire male population, with perhaps a slight variance for women.

so when is it and more importantly why do we all rush towards it?? let's face it, being an adult isn't all it's cracked up to be. you're pushed from all sides....bills, crazy ex's, jobs, responsibilities, other little lives depending on you for survival...sucking your breasts till they are withered avocado shadows of their former selves, highs and lows, moves and no moves and over flowing in-boxes.  it's a bitch really. sure we get to drink without hiding it, we can buy a vespa if we want, and we can vent through blogs but.....

kids get to have tempertantrums

come on...those are pretty great. all you moms out in cyber world are rolling your eyes thinking,"just little ms m wait till she has her own screaming, snotty, sponge bob hurling two year old and then ask her again what she thinks about tantrums"...and i say bring it. think about how free you'd feel if, after a day when all goes terribly sideways....it were in fact ok to lay down on the floor and just let that shit fly. get into it. kick your legs, pummel your pregnancy lumbar pillow, and just cry it out. now i'm not saying this be an every day occurrence but done in moderation when necessary and i bet you'd be a happier, less medicated, jersey housewives watching mom. down with zanex!  you let the men do it and they might be better mr.'s. bye bye to the beer! i know i'd be a better mrs....but i'm still keeping my vino and fig newtons.

but we're supposed to be all adult and responsible....blah, blah, blah. 

i say, be free.  bring the tantrum back in 2010.

waaaa- m
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sandi said...

wow, what a surprise, thank you for remembering:) you are incredible!!!so glad i'm your mom. xoxo