bon vivant tuesday: lovely livin

one of the greatest things about growing up in my household (besides getting the bouncy horse of my dreams)were the unbelievably, creative, festive and unique dinners and special holidays my mom whipped up with true mom aplomb and cheer. i think she went to extra lengths to spice up life because it was just the three of us and well…it worked.

from the time i was little her parties have been a scream.
easters and thanksgivings, valentines and birthdays…each one is a lovely memory etched in my mind with a special sandi sparkle. hidden baskets filled with my favorite treats and swoon worthy brunches, delectable feasts, heart shaped pancakes and christmases complete with roaring fires and the tantalizing aromas of pine and orange. top this off with nights she tip-toed down stairs to talk over a glass of milk and a cookie and all the laughter and hugs and believe me….i know i am one lucky girl.

mom (and of course dad too ;) has moved me into countless apartments and spent additional countless hours scrubbing out refrigerators, unpacking boxes, hanging pictures and helping feather my nest. they say the devil is in the details….well so is the love.

tomorrow my mom and her friend linda will host their first tablescaping and entertaining event at dolce in richmond http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Richmond-VA/Dolce-Designs/119987878019203?ref=ts&ajaxpipe=1&__a=9 and i am so proud of her!! perhaps to some dinners and holidays are just “other days” that come and go but my mom creates events and events create memories and at the end of the day…arn't fabulous, loved filled memories all we’re really left with?

here's to more memories mom...
xoxo-mrs m

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luvthemaggie said...

I want to be Sandi when I grow up!