relationship wednesday: the good, the bad, and the uuuuugly

5:30 this morning i woke with rage in me.

do tell…
how is it possible to wake in a bad mood
before ones toes have graced the chilly hardwood floors?
before one’s eyes have fluttered open…
even before the smell of coffee
and the barrage of the days to do’s have started filing into the brain
like militant little soldiers?

but there it was, solidly perched at the foot of the bed….
and it followed me, in the predawn darkness,
all the way to the gym as i sat on my bike,
arms crossed to the world,
water bottle forgotten,
tank top on backwards,
scowl on my face....

then i caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and thought….
lady, you’ve got one hour to pull your shit together.

sooo, i started imagining riding down a long stretch of road in a forest of green.
and the road coming at me was rage red, angry and full of pot holes…
but i let it come….
all my crankiness and my grumps,
my complaints and my bitches
they all came baring down upon me,
fast and furious
but the second they hit the front wheel,
i rolled right over them
and let them go.

and poof…..
they disappeared.

and in that moment the road turned from red
to a luminous shade of silver
streaming out behind me like a riverlet of forgivness.

sound crazy?

perhaps it was…
but in a flash, i left crankiness in a ditch
and was on the road

...to a much brighter day

smiles ~ m


Kelsey said...

I just happened across your blog the other day and I love this piece.

This might sound weird, but please brush past that and read on... I am a teacher who is teaching a second grade gifted/talented group of writers. We are going to be writing about a small moment in our lives while focusing on show don't tell. This is a perfect example, do you mind if I use it as a mentor text? I would naturally have to take out the second grade inappropriate words :). But would love to show then what you wrote that made me creat a vivid picture in my mind, plus your word choice would raise the bar in my class.

Oh please say yes...

Kelsey said...

Oh boy, what a horrible first impression! I meant...

But would love to show "them" what you wrote that made me "create" a vivid picture...

:) I also teach editing skills... ha!

the space between said...

:) your post was so cute and made my day!! I would be honored if you chose to use my thoughts with your kiddos! you teach gifted second grader writers...what an AMAZING job!!! you must love what you do?! do you wite as well??

Kelsey said...

Oh thank you, thank you, thank you! They will love it (as will I)! My job is amazingly busy and fun.

Do I write? Hmmmm, that is somewhat of a tricky question and one I'm trying to convince myself of. I enjoy writing but don't exactly see myself as a "writer." My New Years resolution was to start a blog and write more. I'm finding that my perfectionism is getting in the way. I like to write. Walk away. Reread and revise. Walk away. Reread and revise (wash, rinse, repeat...). But posting my pieces on a blog for the world to see... seems so... so... final. But reading blogs, such as yours, helps me get inspired. It'll come and it'll get easier. It's just new...