far flung fri: it's 5 o'clock somewhere

in the blink of an eye....
....a week has flown bye.....

this time last friday we had our dear friends a and k in from nyc
and spent a quick 24 showing them some good ole pa luv.

from ginos cheese steaks to the barnes exhibit (and yes, it was every bit as amazing as anticipated),
tango dinner with friends to the reading terminal market,
the liberty bell to fou in china town
and a nova game topper....
we had a blast.

but come last sunday
mr c and me were happy to hop on a plane and head south for
some much needed vitamin d and warm, ocean breezes

useppa island
a little private paradise

and ft myers with the in-laws.

now off to pick up karina for some wedding planning and girl time...
more to come!

happy weekend
~ m

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