relationship wednesday: 1 down, 50 + more to look forward to

this past weekend mr c and i celebrated one year of wedded bliss….
and saturday, in typical, romantic fashion…
mr c had me falling in love with him all over again.

at 5:30 in the evening, soft light streaming through our windows,
me in my dress and mr c in his suit…
my husband surprised me with a recreation of our ceremony.
and as we listened to a recording of our vows,
repeating them once again,
tears slipping slowly down our cheeks….
we had a new understanding and respect for the vows
we put so much time and thought into writing.

one year ago
we said those heartfelt, grandiose promises to one another
with hopes and prayers for the life we wanted to create
and the partners we wanted to be…

but largely unaware of what it would take to
truly make a marriage work.

because no matter how many marriages you have witnessed,
or how many relationship books you have read,
nothing can really prepare you for the profound intimacy
that comes with being married to your best friend.

nothing can truly prepare you for the
compromise and the work
the first day of tense silence and the make up that follows
the laughter, the tears
the adventures and the discoveries
all precious moments....
that are yours alone

it’s hard enough to truly “know” ourselves….
to truly know another is certainly a lofty goal and a lifelong endeavor..

this is what i have learned this first year...
to know another requires of you
a deliberate thoughtfulness and tenderness,
a forgiving heart and an ever open mind.
it requires that you don’t become complacent
you don’t side with pride and you don’t quit.
it requires relinquishing old parts of yourself
for a better truer whole
and an attitude that always believes the best of the other….

all this it requires
and more

because no matter what you think….
marriage is different.
and while some strive to cover this up
preferring instead to make it sound..... perfect
i think it’s ok to say….
that in it’s imperfections....lie it’s magnificent beauty
and unfathomable grace.

mr c thank you for this most wondrous journey
for the opportunity to grow
for a life of laughter
and for the honor of
getting to know you...

 ~ mrs m
and thanks to the amazing jacin over at
for the beautiful post about our wedding!!!

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