relationship wednesday: if you can't be nice.....at least be naughty

sometimes we’re naughty and sometimes we’re nice….
and never is this more truthful than in marriage.

there are days i wake up and it’s all:
mrs m: “mr. c, you’re a total hot monster.”
mrs m: “lover pants, can i get you a coffee?”
mrs m: “darling, can I run you a shower?”
mrs m: "hon, what can i do to make your life just a little more
glorious on this amazing, sunshine filled day?”

other days….gerrrr, not quite so nice.

and it goes the other way as well.
some days mr. c is the most snuggly buggly thing in the whole wide world
other days…he’s a real pisser ;)

thankfully in our case, our nice’s grossly outweigh our naughties.

except our naughty naughties….they can outweigh anything, anytime.
so my wish for you this christmas is....
go ahead....get a little naughty...maybe even get on santas bad side....
because this year....
naughty is oh soooo nice.

ummmm ~ a naughty mrs m

hot, sexy artwork compliments of jamie over at her muy caliente blog

1 comment:

JAMIE said...

This makes me SO happy! Thank you for making me feel like a million bucks!

And yay for naughty! XXX.