thursdays child: hottie toddy...my imaginary christmas paaaarty

i invite you....
to the festive christmas fete in my mind 

the doorbell it rang,
and to it i went,
threw open the door
in my fabulous yves saint laurent

so thrilled i would be
as you walked in the hall,
"mr c, they are here!
cocktails for them all!!"

the music it'd play 
while we'd laugh and we'd "cheer"
so grateful i'd feel 
for the the coming new year 

for health and for family
for friends and for life
for this awesome new role
of lover and wife

at the end of the evening
we'd walk out in the snow knowing
my love you will feel
where ever you go.....

merry christmas
~ mrs m

1 comment:

Champagne/CrushParty/StitchPoet said...

I love that photo of all the ornaments on the stairs!!! I just can't help thinking, every time I see it, "I hope they don't have a cat!"

Thanks for coming to "my crush party" I wish you lived next door :) I'd make you knit!