work it out wednesday: gimme gimme more

this morning i woke up in a complete dither

this morning i woke up with the overwhemling feeling that i have not bought enough.
not shopped enough. not spent enough.

this morning i woke up with an almost crushing need to buy.

then i made the mistake of turning on the tube….and there they were…
so jingling and bright.
forcing their way into my living room.
making me feel even worse.

“every kiss begins with kay”
because let’s face it men…you know where kisses lead and this will be very merryless, bootyless christmas if your woman don't get some bling.  (btw, does this ad creep anyone else out??)

"he went to jared"
…cuz if he went somewhere else…your friends will think he's cheap

and my personal favorite 

 cuz why not start em early

turning off the tv i sat down to browse my favorite blogs before work
…looking for inspiration.
looking for a reality check.
when it hit me…i was really just looking at….

more ads

ok, incredibly creative, arresting, alluring and semi-independent ads. pretty ads. easy on the eye ads that don't demand a lot from the soul.  but ads none-the-less.  ads for dresses and gifts, scarves and shoes and a particular $4000 ring that part of my brain screamed
“must have the precious” with a startling gollum-like intensity.

yes, this was me on gimme gimme christmas crack

see this year mr c and me decided we wanted to do christmas a bit differently. with almost 10% unemployment and 21% of children in the us living below the poverty line…we made a donation to an organization we believe in, decided to do a night out on the town in lue of gifts, give our time to others…and be deliberately grateful for the awesomeness of our new mr and mrs life.

so new age and cool right?
well i’d love to say we did that and i was content.
that i’m 100% on board with a christmas of less store bought gifts and much more togetherness.
news flash...
i am not that centered.
…but i am working on it.

image from the fabulous crushparty

the threatening thing about letting go of stuff is that it’s likely to lead to other changes….
it’s like pulling the thread on your favorite sweater…you just can’t help yourself even though you’re pretty sure you’re going to end up with….
the need for a whole new damn sweater.

*** btw, the above bit of soapbox luv is certainly not meant as a bust on blogs.
a blog-lands' very beauty lies in its' unique free-for-all-ness.
free for all purposes.  free for all thoughts.

if your real house doesn't look the way you wish it did...
wha-la..create one that does.
want to wear something shocking to your holiday party...
poof, now you can.
it's a place where we can imagine our loveliest world and write it into reality.
i get it
and i for one love that quality....

 but does some measure of responsibility come with such a magic wand?
for that matter, does christmas???

xoxo ~ m


Champagne/CrushParty/StitchPoet said...

aw girl! look at that shout-out! muah!! Love this post. I totally hate all the commercialism of the season, but somehow want everything I see...one for you, two for me...ughhh. I usually find something to help me hide from the season until there are about 5 days to C-day and then I panic. This year I went on a cleaning binge and decided to "gut" my studio...ummm now I have organized "stuff" but no gifts...what was I thinking? Daughter "PrettyStuff" arrived home today, so maybe I'll get some help and we'll tackle the season...

Have a great weekend!

Martha said...

This is beautiful "m." Beautiful. I as learn and read more, as I challenge myself toward living 'authentically' in a world with such confused and empty dreams, as I seek out those that are truly happy within themselves, as I place efforts toward what every true religious and spiritual leader has ever spoken, I also seek to live above the emptiness and "to live deliberately... to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life, To put to rout all that was not life and not when I had come to die Discover that I had not lived” (H.D. Thoreau). No doubt it's a much harder road to travel and no doubt I'm struggling along it myself but it's people like you that keep me motivated, hopeful, joy-filled, and satiated.
Thanks M. and keep up the good fight!

mrs m said...

Martha- you absolutely and completely made my day. I needed that :) thank you soooo much!!
hugs- M