relationship wednesday (late): middle brain

mr c is most certainly left brained while i’m quite positive i was hiding behind a cloud/pearly gate/rock when the logic angel/deity/fairy made her/his/its rounds.

this one very important fact…leads to some very interesting marriage conversations.

mr c: “why do you want to do that?
me: “because it feels right.”
mr c:  blank stare

me: “morning luv, how about a quick cup of jo on the porch ”
mr c: “love to. as soon as i’ve agonized over every detail of my day and worked myself half way to an ulcer i’ll be right there.”
me:  blank stare

so where does this leave mr c and me? two people committed to love each other until…forever.

you’ve heard it before…”they are so perfect for each other…they just seem to balance each other out”. perhaps you even know one….

the elusive well balanced couple.
that rare couple that doesn’t drive each other batty with their differences but instead seems to blend them together in a semi symbiotic way…. kind of like the clown fish and the sea anemone or more abstractly like fruit in jello. it’ easy to look at these couples and marvel at that level of emotional and marital development…but take care not to be hoodwinked by what seems like effortless ease… you can bet any couple who has achieved balance nirvana has a relationship soundtrack full of colorful dialogues leading them to that point.

we humans are resistant to change and we are certainly resistant to being changed. but when two people come together and are open to new ways of thought….
they really can start to balance each other out….

so even though thinking with my left brain is as foreign to me as speaking russian, wearing hemp and believing snakes make great pets…i am starting to see its merit in getting me where i want to go (figuratively and literally) in a faster and more direct route. conversely, mr c is starting to see that there isn’t much point getting where we want to go (i.e. big navy blue sail boat, where clothing is optional) if we don’t chill and get there sans ulcer and sanity. 

they say spouses start to look like one another after years of togetherness, and that this is, in fact a good thing. http://www.nytimes.com/1987/08/11/science/long-married-couples-do-look-alike-study-finds.html…my questions is….do they really start to think like one another or is it all just a balancing act?

i love u mr c
xoxo~mrs m

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