relationship wednesday: moments

it’s been weeks since i wrote on a wednesday.

why you ask? because wednesdays are hard. i, in thinking about how to be a better mrs and holding myself to it, sublimely appointed wednesdays, “relationship day” so that i would be reminded once a week to give intentional thought to the state of my bond with not only mr c but with the people i cherish most…
and not just the fluffy, lovey bits and bonds but the grab your flashlight and dig around in the basement….knowing with absolute certainty you are going to find a spider (or something worse)… kind of moments too.

not surprisingly, the frosting covered, rainbow sprinkle bits; the giggles and the notes, the late night naked sprinkler runs and the talks.. are easy to write about…those are the ones that trip off my tongue and spill through my fingers like poetry…those are the days i look at my blog and think… “hey, look at me….i’m mrs m and i’ve pretty much got my shit together.”


it’s the tense moments, the raw times, the blues and the pouts, the days i slacked as a friend, a daughter, a neighbor, a wife (and sometimes all on the same day)…. it's those moments that have to be coaxed from my soul like water from a rock. those days i look at my blog and think, "f.  i have a long way to go".

we all want life to be rosy and bubbles in the sun, kind of glory filled.


and oh so thankfully, most of the time life is pretty darn.... bubbly.

but sometimes it’s not….and that’s ok.
ok, because that's just life and because even the most imperfect moments have elements of perfection.  it just depends on how you look at them.

so next time you step in dog shit on the way to work...think of the itty bitty pocket pooch you could easily punt into tomorrow that dropped a heater = its body weight, and reflect on how trixie is dearly loved by someone with their own needs and fears. then bite your tongue and be grateful...even if it's just that dog belongs to someone else, not you.

and next time your lover gives you a kiss as they walk out the door.  take a moment and breath that perfection in to your very soul.

this video is a collection of moments….good and bad, special and mundane.
moments that bond us all ....shared coast to coast....

Moments from Everynone on Vimeo.

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PS dear blogsies, what does a moment mean to you??

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