far flung friday....destination smile

10 years ago in chicago i fell for a spin instructor who’s positive energy, love spins had people lining up at 5:30 just a get a bike for a 6 am class. i’ve never had an instructor that good…until now. this morning my new favorite instructor had me spinning harder than i’ve ever spun and i was positively grinning through the pain. one ride she had us dedicate to someone we cherish and with each turn of the wheel we sent love and good intentions their way. come on, how can you quit when you’re spinning out love??

my entire body is thankful….my spirit even more so. what a way to start the day….

that said…todays far flung is destination smile….take a boat, take a plane…. take a bike…i don’t care how you get there…just smile

mr c and i are off to explore on this kick ass  pa day!!!
happy friday kids
 :) ~ mrs m

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