far flung friday: chart your course

i have a follower!?!
excitement ?
oh it’s mr c...:)

day one of my formal (or informal..depending upon how you look at it) mrs development. In an effort to bring some organization to this process…i should probably lay out exactly how, in my infinite wisdom…I intend to become this more well rounded mrs…

after much reflection about the elements I feel are important to growth (both individual and partner)…I’ve decided to focus on 6 areas. I realize there are others out there who might disagree on/or have suggestions about my method but…yipee…glorious blog oh mine…they just don’t matter :) so here’s how it’s gonna go… each day of the week is going to be dedicated to one particular area of development. As someone who was grossly short changed in the attention span department, I figure breaking it down in tiny, daily, manageable bits should work well for me…and hopefully my marriage too..

1. whatever makes me happy monday – why? Because its monday and I don’t really like mondays. so in an effort to like mondays more …I’m going to be a tad selfish and tart them up a bit by only posting things that bring me…me, me, me, me, me only, pure, unadulterated joy.
2. bon vivant tuesday: literally french for “good liver”, and who doesn’t have room in their life for some more good livin?? delicious food + delightful drink = good livin to me. so tuesdays are all about epicurean treats me and my mr can indulge in together.
3. work it out wednesday: ahh, relationship day. i’d like to say my focus will be solely on the mrs + mr relationship but hey, i'm a mess and me + my parents and me + my friends need work too…
4. thursdays child….has far to go: and an unlimited amount of ground to cover! so thursday is about new ideas, new books, new ways of thinking...just about anything new that i haven’t tried before… why? cuz no one likes to see couples having dinner that can't think of a single thing to say to one another but instead seem overly interested in their...soup.
5. far flung friday: today is a day to grab my mr and a glass of vino and dream, dream, dream. while exotic locals always get my blood pumping, it doesn’t take a lot of $ to take a mental getaway. so friday is all about feeling a bit childlike and thinking up ways to escape...together.
6. bloggers rest saturday: day of reflection to see if i've bitten off more than i can chew with this daily blog.
7. spirit sunday: just seems like a natural fit don’t ya think? So sunday is all about spirituality + connectedness and anything that helps me feel centered and connected to the world at large.

ok…that’s it for the day…I’ll leave my silent cyber world with its first official far flung friday post…it's a short one, but honestly, organizing the above wore me out. i promise/hope they'll be funnier/more thought provoking/interesting sunday.

http://www.verana.com/ where the mr and I honeymooned in early april.

mrs m

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