in the beginning

...there was melanie.

in high school there was lacrosse player melanie, slumber party with my friends and get high on pixie sticks melanie and even for a short, short...short period of time, thespian melanie. then there came fresh faced, tri-delta college student at the college of charleston melanie...until junior year melanie decided she didn't want to be a pearl wearing, sorority focused melanie any more and became more of an introspective melanie. after that it was move to chicago on a whim melanie. i liked that melanie. she was fun, easy to get along with...perhaps a little lost in the soul but up for anything melanie. and for eight years there was career woman, international tourism melanie...and in between there was any variation of daughter melanie, girlfriend melanie, friend melanie, travel lover melanie, mistake maker melanie, risk taker melanie (think bungee jumper, sky diver melanie....unfortunately we might have seen the last of that particular mel)...and in fact myriad of other melanies.

but there was never married melanie.

until now. and this is definitely new territory for melanie.

so this site is dedicated to finding out whom exactly this new melanie is and who she will become. it's an attempt at being proactive. at taking the reins of a new life in an attempt to steer ones destiny rather than be steered. it is an exploration in finding a balance between ms. melanie (of a more solo, independent, rolling stone, youngsish nature) & mrs. melanie (1/2 of a whole, responsible, connected, more mature adult sort).

the interesting realization that has developed since ms. morphed to mrs., just one short month ago, is this....i really want to like this new melanie. i see her as kind of a blank slate...like a new year...all fresh and full of possibilities. and with the excitement that comes with a new year and a new life comes new goals and resolutions. i don't typically like the word "goals", so i'll say this instead.... my desire for this melanie is she be the kind of melanie you can talk to about your most problematic dilemmas (be it boy, spirit or other) because...damn...melanie is a really good listener. i desire to be proud of this melanie and her relationship with her sexy, amazing husband (that would be chris)...i want her to be a happy and healthy on the inside and out melanie and not only that, i want her to be a community connected melanie (just not in a hemped out, over the top goodie goodie way...as melanie will always always be interested in fashion melanie)...i also want her to be the kind of melanie you just can't throw a fabulous party without...but that's just melanie "*needs " shining though.

this site has risen from the ashes of the ms. with the intent to be a checks and balances system for the mrs. it is a way to hold the ms. and the mrs. (because let's face it...melanie will always be a mixture of the two) accountable for her thoughts and her actions...to make sure she grows as individual melanie and also learns how to become a relatively decent married melanie in the process. ok…enough of the third person, i think you get my drift.

i am married melanie and this is my blog.

join me tomorrow as i launch to the world (ok...just to myself) my seven step program for becoming the mrs i always dreamed of.

*footnote * "needs" is a catch all phrase for any time melanie is feeling needy. sometimes she just says to chris, "NEEDS"!!! translation...i'm desperately desiring some attention from you so if you know what's good for ya...you'll give me some.

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