far flung friday: big a

so it’s a stunning friday. a crisp and sparkly, bright blue skies and crunchy leaves beneath by boots kind of day. and it has been a great week too.

 it started off with a trip to dc to celebrate my father- in- laws 75th and then a work trip to houston where yes…the meeting went well!! that said, we could still use all the love, luck and wishes out there while we wait to get it across the finish line, so cross those fingers and toes and i’ll take all the positive vibes you’re willing to blow my way.

but the best part is.... i am about to hop on the train and head into nyc to see my lovely friend karina. i haven’t seen her since the wedding and while she was in town last weekend, i only got to see her for one evening….and with krinks…that’s just not enough

so tonight….a girls night!
xoxo ~ mrs m

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